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    Default Back after long break - build request :)

    EDIT: After quite alot of reading, I've decided on a 18/2 wiz/rogue pale master. Looking forward to enjoying the game again

    Hi all,

    Just returning to DDO this evening after a couple of years away. I see there have been ALOT of changes to the game while I've been absent, and with that in mind, I'd like to start a new character to explore the game with again. Here's what I'd like:

    1) Self healing of some sort
    2) Ability to deal with locks and traps
    3) UMD would also be nice
    4) Either ranged or melee, not too fussy, but would like to be quite strong in attack
    5) Solo capability - I do not often group, and prefer to have a char who will not be forced to

    Any suggestions are appreciated

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    Not to toot my own horn, but my Tempest trapmonkey can (still) do all you require. If you prefer casters, a wiz 18 / rog 2 like EllisDee37's Pale Trapper also works well. I'd say a rgr like mine has an easier time at earlier levels, while a caster like Ellis's has an easier time at higher levels. Or a rog-splashed bard also works well.
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