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    Default Hi Thelanis.

    Some of you have probably seen me around. I'm a healer. I love to heal. Its what I do, and what I do best. Just wanted to say hi and get to know my new server mates.

    Name: Maulkior
    Past Lives:
    20Cleric -=Healbot=-
    16Bard 2 Rogue/ 2 Arti -= Virtuoso Healer/ Traps / CC=-
    20 Sorc -=Nuker=-
    20 Favored Soul -=Healbot=-

    Current Life
    18 Druid (Holding 19--Rank 91) -=IDK *** I AM=- (True story)
    Next Life 18 Bard-2 Rogue

    Names Maulkior. I love to heal. My favorite class is Bard, but I fear I will not be returning to that life anytime soon because I have yet to do any end-game content besides the epic quests. Have hardly done raids, the occasional HoX and VoD and Titans Raid, and I want to change that. Getting tired of TR'ing.

    I Just wanted to say thank you to alot of the thelanis people AND guilds out there for making this transition so freakin smooth.

    Like Fruste, from quebec hunters, amazing TR train we had. 500K+ xp is nothing to scoff at, very good leader. Appreciated letting me join the train ride. Thanks for letting me pike (heal_

    Dharley, Thanks for explaining to me that there are wisdom based weapons out there that I can use effectively for attacking, instead of just sitting back and healing (piking)

    and egomaniac (or something like that, sorry if i am butchering your name) for the coalescence chamber run, was smoothest ever.

    A few guilds that I can remember off the top of my head

    Heroes INC
    Monty pythons flying circus
    Fury's Six
    Ministry of Destruction

    You guys are awesome, glad I transferred from sarlona.
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