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I'm part of a small guild that just finished the pre-flagging quests for Vault of Night. There are 6 of us, a little too small to just go it alone. The few of us that have done this quest were in typical 'keep up and don't die' pugs a long time ago. We are level 9-12; somewhat undergeared, but eager to learn. This group typically runs on Monday at 9pm est; but with a few days warning could probably make most any day. Look for 'The Silver Dragon Kindred'. Thanks for this opportunity!!
I have a rather chaotic week ahead of me, so I'm not sure when/if I'll be online in-game or not to actually run with you guys. But I'm pretty familiar with Von 5 & 6, so if I get some free time, I'll type up a thorough walk-through guide for you guys on the Adepts Forum.