When we get to quests leveled 17 and above, especially with enemies using empower and maximize, our only defense verses AoE's is Evasion. This also requires a good reflex save. At this time, the entire game suffers because of this fact. Solutions for this revolve around mitigating AoE damage. Rewarding players with static character abilities would be cool. The reward of Draconic Vitality has been implemented, which is an example of rewards. At the present time, some favor rewards are technically absent. One such patron is the favor rewards of Free Agent faction. Other rewards for favor are also technically absent. This is one suggestion to help people that want to build multiple characters who can stand toe to toe against enemy casters, characters without evasion.

I know that there are items which help mitigate damage. However, during my discussions with other players while playing, they agree on the most viable answer which is using epic destinies to solve this problem. I realize that air ship buffs will mitigate AoE damage. But, as I stated earlier, there is a point when these Air Ship buffs become essentially useless due to the massive, spamming AoE damage from enemies.

The only solution which I have found that works is to take either two levels of monk or rogue. That is pathetic. I've been playing since beta and have found this to be the only answer. This is a problem which needs a fix.