After spending much time on my melee toons and my healer, I lost focus on casters. Now that I have my toons in raiding positions and I'm looking to start a new toon.

The build: 18-Sorcerer 2-Monk -- Human
18-20: Sorcerer

Stats: 16 Constitution, 18 Charisma, 12 Dexterity

(1) Maximize; Toughness
(2) Toughness
(3) Mental Toughness
(6) Empower
(9) Heighten
(12) Spell Focus: Evocation
(15) Quicken
(18) Spell Focus: Enchantment
(21) Spell Penetration
(24) Extend

Savant: Air Savant III

Destiny: Magister / Shiradi Champion
(4) Energy Burst : Ice
(1) Boulder
(1) Rejuvenation Cocoon

Armor: Epic Blue Dragonscale Robe
Goggles: GS Concordant Opposition
Helm: Epic Blue Helm(Cha +3)
Necklace: Health +6
Trinket: Planar Focus(Cha +8)
Cloak: Epic Cloak of Night
Belt: Water Savant Belt
Ring 1: Water Savant Ring
Ring 2: (Filler)
Boots: GS - Min II
Gloves: Gloves of the Glacier
Bracers: Bracers of the Glacier

Weapon: Twilight, Element of Magic

#2: Staff of the Petitioner

Spells: I'm not going to put a whole list of all the spells since I can't remember, but ill list some important ones. Get the force spells and all ice spells along with FoD and CoD, take Otto Sphere, Irresistable, and decide on Mass Hold Monster or Wail.

Thanks for reading through! Evaluate me as harsh as you can be, it can only make it better

Thanks. - Silver