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    Question Dumbest Screw-Up in DDO History!!!

    ...And no, it was not Turbine's fault. I'm just hoping to get some feedback and praying that the folks at Turbine Account Management can help me fix this stoopid, stoopid thing I did:

    After a long period of being Premium, a little over a year (and away from the game entirely for the majority of that period), I finally became able to play DDO again, and just today re-upgraded my account to VIP. I thought was my account.

    See, I had forgotten that I had 2 separate DDO accounts, for reasons I don't even remember now. And the login info at Turbine for both accounts was very similar (yes, the login name and the password...I know, keep laughing), in short, I upgraded the wrong freaking account!!! So now I spent $30 for a 3-month subscription for an account I dont even wanna use, while the account I did want to upgrade still sits in Premium-account limbo.

    Are you done laughing yet? OK. So, my problem, er question, er whatever, is this: If I call Turbine tomorrow while Account Management is open (I know, it'll be Sunday, but the Turbine Account Management page says they're open 7 days a week), would they be able to help me with this? I mean, what I need is to transfer a VIP-status from one account to another. Would they even be willing to help me with this? Or does it just suck to be me, and I gotta eat the $30 loss?

    EDIT:Solved! Much thanks to Account Management!!!
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    I wouldn't worry yet. Everytime I've called they have been able to handle my problem. Even when it wasn't in their department.

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