This is going to be brief, still in id say beta stage. Ive been playing around with a build my guild and myself came up with a little bit odd, at first we wanted to build around a caster, How Original AA would Manyshot than melee, We though as a Caster, Pull a repeater, then go to scepters. After thinking though and damage we could get from sneak, and the elements. We came up with Vulcan. a 13 Rogue, 4 Arti, 3 Wiz. Now you may ask, why 3 wiz. Well in the EK tree there is some great early defense spells. Mage Armor and Shield, +30 HP so its worth it in my head, and your first weapon imbue. Also as a Wiz lvl 3, you get blur as a Spell. 4 Arti, Gives your SECOND weapon imbue for element, also you get Insightful hits, Crossbow Damage and Attack, and Full Auto. as Rogue 13, at 6 you get your int for damage, and the Mechanic tree, Multiple Traps, Bonus too Damage and Hit, and all the Sneak Attack damage. Plus Bluff to keep it Rolling.

I Haven't thought deep in stats or classes, ive been using a Elf with 32pt, basic Max Int and Dex rest in Con. So that is still in the build Process. I just wanted to get the Concept out to get input for Improvements.

(The Name Vulcan is another name for the God Hephaestus, the God of Fire and Forge)