Not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes. I TRed my monk Friday evening and started leveling I went to go check my TR cache and noticed that my Tier 3 Lit 2 bow that i made, since I'm doing an AA build seem to be gone. I know I didn't sell it before I TRed and I know that it was in my Inventory. So i submit a bug report, I'm then told (after an hour and half of waiting) to wait 24 hours for the nightly background process for lost items to be returned. Still nothing in the previous ticket I was told to submit another ticket if my item wasn't returned to me. So I did that, just to be told there is no resolution and to submit a bug report. So here's my question, is there really no recourse here? Aside from the poor excuse from customer service, I've been pretty happy with this game, happy enough to spend my hard earned money on the expansions and VIP every month. I understand that with and MMO comes lots of bugs but I find this unacceptable. I would really appreciate at least something in return of my lost item, at the very least some kind of response that isn't generic BS.