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    Default I got a sneak peak at Updates 20-25

    I just woke up from a terrible nightmare. It was basically a bleak vision of a dystopian future in which Turbine simply chooses not to honor anything is says or any of its past commitments. I ran home to share a description of this nightmare landscape on the forums while the details are still fresh in my mind.

    You are welcome to read the following as speculation about the future (but don't say I didn't warn you):

    Beginning with Update 20,
    All Epic Destiny xp will be reset with any form of Greater Reincarnation (Heroic or Epic Reincarnation). Characters who had all epic destinies capped will receive an "epic advantage " in their next life which allows them to bypass most of the fun heroic content. This "epic disadvantage" will be widely and bitterly mocked.

    Beginning with Update 21,
    Heroic past life feats that were deemed too powerful will be retroactively changed so they do not overlap with Epic Destiny past life feats. For example, Ranger damage on ranged attacks will be switched to a very small doublestrike %. Past lives that granted spell penetration or spell DC benefits will be replaced with a small amount of spell power.

    Beginning with Update 22,
    Green steel equipment will retroactively have its minimum level increased to 16 for tier 1 items, 18 for tier 2 items and Level 20 for gear built at the alter of Devastation.
    Characters with the "Completionist" feat will have the feat deactivated and will be required to complete a TR and then complete each of the Iconic classes in order to reactivate completionist. This appropriately matches the description of the completionist feat and is accepted by the player base. Iconic classes, however, will not actually be allowed to TR (until at east update 25 at which point completionist will be removed as a feat option altogether).

    Beginning with Update 23,
    Stat tomes and skill tomes will no longer persist through TR. Someone on the forums will explain that tomes are "gamebreaking" and "pay to win" and deserved to be removed from the exploiters who spent 5 years finding them.
    Crafting xp will no longer persist through TR. This is a glitch that unfortunately cannot be fixed due to a persistent string table error.
    Purchased fate points, bank space and backpack space will no longer persist through TR but can be reaquired using turbine points earned during the leveling process.
    Free daily tokens for the challenges will be removed from the game.
    Items with Guild augment slots will have those slots retroactively removed and replaced with augment slots.
    Items enhanced by Risian Festival recipes will have their minimum level raised.

    Beginning with Update 24,
    The level cap will increase to 30.
    Characters who TR will no longer gain Turbine points as they reaquire favor.
    Epic past life (bound destiny) feats will be retroactively changed because they will be deemed too powerful and "not working as intended" since update 20. Characters with more than 1 bound destiny will be allowed to retain one epic destiny upon TR and any additional bound destinies will be converted into an "epic advantage" that allows you to once again bypass the fun heroic content on your next life.
    Augments will now have a timer and expire after 24 hours of game play and must be reaquired and reapplied to augmentable items.
    Cannith crafting will be removed from the game and will be replaced at a future date with a new and improved crafting system. Turbine will clarify that any items previously crafted will not be affected.

    Beginning with Update 25...
    Items created through Cannith crafting will be retroactively removed from your inventory.
    All Heroic past life feats and Epic bound destiny feats will be inactivated and deemed "too powerful" and "not working as intended." Someone on the forums will explain that past lives were "game breaking" and "pay to win" and deserved to be removed from the exploiters who spent 5 years working on them.
    Raid gear will no longer persist through TR.
    Items enhanced by Risian Festival recipes will revert to their previous status after 24 hours of game play.

    It just gets worse from there. Fortunately, I know in my heart that this was just a terrible nightmare. Turbine is a good company with a loyal fan base. While they have the legal right to change the rules, I am sure they understand that doing so is UNETHICAL and a violation of our community's trust. They are not foolish enough to betray the people who support them by constantly changing the rules.


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    I do understand that this is THEIR [Turbine & anyone involved in designing it] game

    but the problem is...

    it is also OUR game too, as many of us have an investment in it.

    While they can create or even un-create the game the way THEY want, but it is US who decides whether it's successful or not...

    ultimately determining DDO's fate.
    You know I had been using the Superior Sarcasm font exclusively but it seems in a unannounced hotfix they slipped in the Sovereign Sarcasm font... keep up the good work guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoBo2020 View Post
    Never feed any Turbine trolls from Marketing! You never know which MBAs doing the Business and Marketing plan for Turbine for the next 3 years are reading along here. Any your ideas are near too good for not being used against us.

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    Hrmm, I'm glad you posted this 'nightmare' as it is a perfect representation of what Turbine should NOT do in the future.

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    Thumbs down Really?

    Must you share your nightmares with other people? What if the people who read this thread get nightmares too?

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    As the expert on all things involving trolling I have to give this a 2 out of 10.

    Too obvious.

    Too much d00m.

    Too many words.

    I'll be offering a summer program at Troll University for reasonable rates, PM me for details.

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    Cool Wonderful

    You just outlined the coming nerfs and gave the Dev's ideas on what to do in the coming expansions.

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    As for some of the true points you stated, such as ED's resetting on a TR...
    I gladly say that I will NOT pay money to 'TR my Destinies' in order to keep them. What type of stupid idea is this? I spent way too much time and way too many XP potions grinding my Destinies and if they want us to PAY even MORE just to keep our hard-earned skills... I will find myself another game to play.

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    Default The nightmare could be stopped!!!

    This nightmare is just a nightmare you had in your sleep, but I agree that the game is headed toward a nightmare for those of us that have supported the game for some time. But all this is easy to avoid. If VIP’s would just discontinue their membership and only spend money on well thought out additions to the game Turbine would have no choice but to start listening to its customers. As it stands now Turbine gets VIP’s money no matter the quality of the content.

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