Every link I've checked on for melee damage seems to take me to the same 404 page of no long here. So I'm asking if there is a CURRENT link to how to maximize melee damage. Some people claim to be hitting for over a 1000 pts of damage at level 14. I would like to be able to do that also. This is what I've figured out so far.

So. Weapon base. Two handers traditionally do more. Two weapon you strike twice as much. Sword and Board has double strike.

Magic enhancement. A +5 is better than a +2 if the sword has the same effects.

Strength. Bigger the better. enhancement bonus, insightful bonus, psionic bonus, rage, anything you can get to raise that score.

Feats. POWER ATTACK (caps intended), weapon specialization, even shield mastery to increase double strike.

Enhancements. Prestige class abilities, strength boost, etc.

Gear. Crit range and crit damage. Seeker effects. Melee Alacrity. Even a haste potion for that last boss battle.

I haven't hit epic feats/destiny yet so I know next to nothing on that. What am I missing now? Why am I only doing a tenth of what others are claiming?