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    Default Airship doesn't exist ?

    Yes, there is a thread with similar name from 2 months ago, no I can't post in it, search for the title or "fix" the link.

    Today I entered someone else's ship apparently with different amenities layout, relogged on different toon and got booted to Korthos tavern lol.

    Can't enter our ship at all now, (Admin): You cannot explicitly teleport to a public instance that doesn't yet exist.

    Those of you that had the same problem, could I get any advice how did you fix it ?

    EDIT : EVEN more fun ! Can't join any group either. (Error): You can't create, destroy, or modify a party while any members are teleporting.
    2nd EDIT:
    Admin): +.....+ tells you, 'Unfortunately your airship seems to have a major issue. We are unable to fix this issue at the in game support level. However, we are escalating this issue so it may be investigated for possible solutions. This investigation may take a long time to fix.'

    Admin): +.....+ tells you, 'We apologize for this issue. Is there anything else I can help you with, before we escalate this help request?'

    (Tell): You tell +.....+, 'do i get a notification of your escalation or just the ticket being closed'

    Admin): +.....+ tells you, 'The ticket will not close. We hand it off to a research team.'

    (Tell): You tell +.....+, 'makes sense, lost ship and research team :P'

    Admin): +.....+ tells you, 'This request has been escalated to a ship recovery research team, and your Game Master is unable to receive any further messages from you through this request. Please submit a new help request for any additional questions.
    Thank you for contacting In-Game Support and may the Silver Flame guide you.

    This is what we got, hope we will get our lvl 86 ship back, we spent ~ 150 Euro and millions of plat on it.

    3rd EDIT : Dooom ! erm ..I mean we got it back in 2 hours, thanks for the quick help Lost ship research team !
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    Default Guild cannot access guild ship and no one at turbine to take care of the matter.

    Our guild has been unable to enter the guild ship for the past two days. We click on the door, the transition screen appears, then we appear outside the door where we tried to enter. Also, for my characters on the ship, when I login to them, the ship has nothing on it, and I just renewed nearly all my stuff for 4 weeks. Help. Please.

    Got the same response as anyone else. Pathetic that I can't get this taken care of. It's been 4 days we've been without the ship, and other guildies have put in ticket with no response to take care of the matter. This keeps up and I won't be playing anymore. Poor service = poor service. I pay good money to play.

    So, I wonder how long it will be before this is rectified. We should get some sort of compensation for this crappy response time.

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    Next time, tip your airship valet and maybe it wont get "lost"

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