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    Default Cannot communicate with party chat or by mic

    Earlier today had no problems communicating with in game chat or with a mic went afk for about 20 minutes and now I can see my posts and see myself light up when using mic but noone else in party or guild can see my messages. I checked in audio mic test and have no problems. I can only comminucate with other players if I send a private message. I have logged even cleared my browser history but nothing seems to be working. Anyone have an idea?
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    Is your mic separate, or part of headset?

    Check physical connections. Unplug and replug in case something pulled loose when you got up.

    If that doesn't work, do you have a different mic to test with?

    Sorry, missed the other part.

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    Relog, if fail then
    Restart client, if fail then
    Restart Windows, if fail then
    Reboot machine.

    Shortcut -> Reboot machine -- fixes over 95% of issues.
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