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    Default Turbine Des: If you people to play epic . . .

    Hory Clap I cant' spell. . . . meant to say

    Turbine DEVS: If you want people to play epic . . . make epic worth playing.

    The below quote reveals everything we need to know. The current devs are sore because "their" new game isn't as loved as the old content.

    Quote Originally Posted by Piloto View Post
    . . .Allowing Heroic TR to preserve ED XP sort of short-circuits the system, providing a weird incentive to avoid epic level play.
    This has been gone over a zillion times on a zillion threads. But that's the TLDR version of it.

    Make the end-game compelling to play, right now it's not. This is your fault so fix it. Don't destroy Heroic TR to force people to play content they don't like, leaving the game is an easier option.
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