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    Default Favorite sword

    I have many swords in ddo that i like.

    Terror - I love it as a base, it looks downright awesome and it phantasmal killers on a vorpal hit (not to include it is made of crystal, so no mr. Ooze / Rust monster you cannot eat my sword. )

    Insanity - Again, it is Freaking Huge, and i am a fan of oversized greatswords (hence my Final Fantasy Addiction)

    Oathkeeper - Awesome looking sword, and probally the best stack of abilities on a weapon ive ever seen.

    +5 Supreme Tyrant Greensteel Greatsword of Positive Energy - It rocks, and well mainly because i worked so hard making it, it was my first Gs item ever.

    Timeblade - It can be used at lv 4, so lewbie toons i make can pick it up and go, it looks awesome and featherfalling... enough said

    Fang of Siberys - It looks cool, it is holy and it causes giant bursts of sonic energy

    Turbulet Epee - Probally one of the handiest swords ive ever used

    and lastly , Any sword with the "Lacerating" suffix , because it is just so mean

    Overall my Favorite Sword is " Terror "

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    A reward for traversing some unloved content... the Scoundrel's Greatsword from 3BC serves well through levels 6-11. 2d8, flaming and anarchic makes short work of the numerous wights that appear in content within that level range (and other lawful aligned mobs too of course). Not quite as good as some other options (e.g. Carnifex), but infinitely easier to obtain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marewood View Post
    My favourite is my Cormyrian Khopesh which got Paralyzing, Voltaic, Slicing Winds and some other nice stuff.
    I really wish I could upgrade this with a red slot.
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