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    Default My Response (and solution) to the Proposed Reincarnation XP Curve Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by Glin View Post
    I am excited to start sharing our plans for the future of the Reincarnation system! Later this year (targeting Update 20) we look forward to introducing two new TR destinations, Epic Destiny True Reincarnation and Iconic True Reincarnation. We’ve got some minor improvements involving Lesser and Greater Reincarnation in store, as well.


    What else?

    Here are some changes we’re currently exploring:

    • Reincarnation cooldown timer reduced to 3 days.
    • Reincarnation XP curves smoothed to ease penalties for multiple lives.
    • Lesser Reincarnation will allow a Heroic character to reincarnate as a Champion. Greater Reincarnation will no longer be sold, in favor of an improved Lesser Reincarnation.
    • Iconic characters will be able to Lesser Reincarnate
    First of all, I'm zoning in on the Reincarnation XP curve here. I understand that there's much more going on than just this, but I don't have the time to get all worked up over the proposed change to TRing and Epic Destiny XP.

    Decreasing the TR curve is a sound idea, but I feel that it doesn't solve the the game's monotony. If experience is an issue, then I'd prefer to have this problem tackled in a different way. Perhaps there should be a slight reduction in the TR curve, but I'd take other ideas in place of it.

    Yes, monotony... How many of you have farmed Delera's, Fountain of Discord, Eyes of Stone, Running with the Devils, Mining for Ancient Secrets, or Rusted Blades until your eyes have began to bleed? I don't think one of you can say you enjoy that part of the game, but for some, it's a necessary evil. We (TRs and those of us with limited packs) end up farming quests to get to our main goal... what ever that may be. Some farm less than others, and some farm solely because they're running a 50% pot and want the most experience they can get.

    I just don't see the benefit to the game in smoothing the TR XP curve as stated by Glin. I should clarify this- I think there is a point where it could go too far; that a minor curve could affect the game positively, but at this point, we don't know what is being proposed aside from "Reincarnation XP curves smoothed to ease penalties for multiple lives.".

    I hear this a lot, "heroic quests are dead"... and I gather that this is because most people farm a select few quests multiple times in order to get to 20, and then to 25. Sadly, I don't believe that reducing the amount of XP needed for multiple lives will end this eye bleeding monotony.

    So rather than reducing the TR curve, lets come up with a different idea. Here's mine.

    • Introduce a new chain at level 16 with a new favor patron with Update 19 or 20.
    • 150 Favor from this patron will grant an item: Adventurer's Token. This item is ML8, BTCOA, and bestows a powerful boost on your character. It only needs to be activated once, similar to how The Blessing of the Silver Flame works. It remains in your inventory as well through TRing, much in the way that the Key to Eveningstar works on live.
    • Theoretically, one should be able to get 150 favor by completing eight of these quests on elite, give or take one, thereby making this item available to characters around levels 18 to 20.
    • The Adventurer's Token will bestow an XP boost that works in this way:
      --- When you complete a quest, you will gain a 2.5% XP boost on your next quest completion as an "Adventurer's Bonus".
      --- Your "Adventurer's Bonus" can stack for a total of 4 times, granting a 10% XP boost on the fifth completion of a quest.
      --- Repeating a quest twice in a row, or in a 90 minute window, will break your "Adventurer's Bonus" and reset it to 0%.
      --- You can only gain an "Adventurer's Bonus" on hard, elite, epic hard, or epic elite difficulties.

    I feel that this would be a better avenue for reducing the TR curve than simply reducing the amount of XP required to reach 20, 25, or 28. It would be nice to be rewarded for "adventuring"- running more content, rather than what is the current norm. It's an incentive to not farm a quest beyond the current bravery streak reward. Maybe the TR curve needs to be adjusted, I won't disagree with that, but I'm sure many people will agree that too many eyes have bleed in so many farmed quests.

    Of course, I'm open to suggestions, please ;-]
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