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    Default Need Help Optimizing my Barty for my Static Group

    To start I'll say since I started playing in a static group it's become about 80% of my play time partly because playing alone sucks but mostly because no one cares if you bring a Cleric10/Wizard10 as long as you have fun and your not a jerk . I say this because I know daring to make a Bard have less than 15 Lvls will get alot of negative feedback and I'd like to avoid that in favor of optimizing the build I want to play.

    That said the Arty levels are taken early to get Insightful Damage, Endless Fusillade and Elemental weapons ASAP, also the skills fit easier with less cross-classes than by level 8 I'll have 22 Int (18+2 tome+2 lvls) making the extra cross-class skills less of an issue.

    This builds focus will be buffing and repeater damage, the rune arm is mostly ignored (mainly because I always forget to use it anyways although can't complain about the extra equipment slot) and the construct will solely be used to pull levers and smash boxes as well as some roleplaying stuff you guys won't care about.

    ED wise I'll most likely go Shadowdancer for better damage, Evasion, trap skills boost, threat reduction,etc...but I'm open to suggestion.

    Question important is Charisma to a buffer bard?

    So without further adieu here's the build.

    Skezid Mudbuffer Halfling Bard14/Arty6 (Spellsinger2/BattleEngineer1)
    Str 8
    Dex 18 (+3 Tome = 21 = Combat Archery)
    Con 10
    Int 18 (lvl ups here)
    Wis 8
    Cha 10
    Skills:  DD, Search, UMD, Perform, Spot, OL, Concentration (In order of importance)
    Lvl Order: Arty 1, Bard 2, Arty 2 - 7, Bard 8 - 20
    1 Point Blank Shot
    3 Precise Shot
    5A SF: UMD (Swap to Maximize at higher levels)
    6 Extend
    9 Rapid Shot
    12 IC: Ranged
    15 Toughness
    18 Improved Precise Shot
    ED Shadowdancer
    21 Combat Archery or Empower
    24 Empower or Combat Archery
    Spells (at 20)
    1 DSD, Focusing Chant, Exp-Retreat, Feather Fall
    2 Rage, Blur, Invisibility, CMW
    3 Displace, Haste, Crushing Despair, Charm Monster
    4 FoM, DD, CCW, Otto's Sphere
    5 Greater Heroism, Shadow Walk, CLW (Mass)
    1 Conjure Bolts, Resist Energy, Enchant Armor
    2 Elemental Weapons, CMW (Mass Potion)
    3 Insightful Damage
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