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    Lightbulb Stone of Destiny +x

    Instead of using 'Hearts of Wood' for Epic TR, introduce 'Stones of Destiny'.

    The stones will come in basic and +1, +2, etc variants. The number indicates how many additional Epic Destinies will be bonded during the TR.

    Sell for mucho TP through the store (naturally)
    Assure us that they do drop in quest but are very very rare. (honest)

    But make them PURCHASABLE with EPIC TOKENS!!!!!
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    Thumbs down


    Why are we already accepting what is a bad design suggestion and encouraging the use of store bought items to bypass said design?

    Every new mechanic introduced to the game should not be designed around "How can we monetize this?"

    I am not foolish. I know this kind of item will end up in the store, but I can't support any suggestion to introduce store items as bargaining chips to accept a poor design mechanic.
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