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    Default Has Trog Kassask gone on holiday?

    Hoping someone with Advanced Subterreanean Cartography skills can help me out here. Have checked the wiki, but the map there seem out of date.

    Trog Kassask seems to be missing and not where I remember him being.

    The wiki has him in the north, but that's where Sorcerer Tarethru hangs out. I seemed to recall that Kassask and Tarethru were the wrong way round on the wiki map.

    Problem is that Colonel Nuthrdonu is spawning where it shows Tarethru to be, which is where I remember Kassask being. Nuthdronu is appearing there and in his "old" location as correctly shown on the map, directly under the Subterrane entrance. So me it looks like he's appearing twice and Kassask has gone walkabout.

    To make it even more frustrating, I've previously tagged Kassask and I was pretty sure on where he appeared.

    I thought maybe they had decided to randomise the location of a few of these rares and have just spent the last hour, dropping in, running to where I think Kassask should spawn, popping the portal and using the fast-recall "feature" to bug out and reset for another try. I've saw Nuthrdronu appear 6 times, but no Kassask.

    Has anyone saw him recently? All help greatly appreciated.

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    i found him where it says on map a few months ago. He's not on the level that you come in at though, iirc, he is up above from where you enter the room.

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