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    Default Hey Turbine, here's why you [I]almost[/I] had a great idea:

    Edit: Rofl so I can't place italics in the title field, or edit the title field... good one... (facepalm)

    The truth is, this Epic TR system could have been a fabulous plan. I mean that, I really do.

    Unfortunately, for it to have been awesome you would've had to implement it ~ a year ago, around the same time you introduced epic destanies. Instead, you sold them (destanies) to us for a year, including the direct statement that destiny xp/levels would survive the TR process.

    Now, you've simply changed your mind and said "oh yah, about that destiny surviving the TR process... Not gonna happen anymore, unless you start over. If you've already purchased them, and crafted your toons around that idea, well... Sucks to be you."

    You see I, like many others I know, have spent the last year TRing one of my favorite characters. Leveling one destiny per life, so that when I was done I would have a completionist (with a few extra lives for things like maxed spell pen & DCs) with all destanies done and locked in. The whole point of this effort was so that when I was "done" the toon would only take minor up keep in order to keep up with power creep and stay at the top of her game. A new destiny comes out? Great, level that. A new class comes along? No biggie, just TR once to get the new past life (or three times if the stacking feat was really beneficial) and once more back to her main self.


    Now, to achieve the same results, I will need to stop playing that (almost done) toon until this new system is implemented, TR again through more heroic lives than I could possibly get a benefit from (already having almost all the x3s that I wanted) just to get the destanies "locked in" so that they will survive the little bit of TRing I would have/want to do as new classes are eventually introduced.

    Oh, not to mention that I would be doing this all going on faith that you won't at some point in the future arbitrarily make a new decision that again invalidates the time and effort I put in towards my goal. In terms of real world time, it has taken me almost a year to make the progress I have. It will take at least 6 months to catch back up to where I'm at now, with still a few months left to go to finish the project; and NO! I will not be purchasing your short cuts (xp pots/Ottos boxes etc) to mitigate this massive pita you have foisted upon me! I just might, however, be passing my entertainment time and money to a new game company. If I have to start over, it may as well be with someone who hasn't given me the shaft.

    •To those who are going to come and say "if you see it as an unfun grind you shouldn't be doing it:"
    The journey has been fun. However I was looking forward to having a top notch toon built for running the hardest content & staying at "end game" as the level cap and such increased. Now I can't do that, at least not anytime in the near future. I was looking forward to starting on my next project. The first was a cleric, the next was a monk. Now I'm faced with a choice: abandon my cleric to start on my monk, or put off the monk indefinitely in order to eventually achieve what I was so close to having achieved already. That is not a fun choice to make.

    •To those who are going to come and say "none of all that is necessary for a character to be playable:"
    I've got a garage full of hondas, this was going to be my first Ferrari. So yah, it may not be needed, but it was definitely wanted!
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