Can we get either a folder (preferably unlimited in size) or additional inventory tabs for holding special permanent items from the DDO store?

I am talking about items like Ice Skates, Cosmetic Gear Kits, etcetera. To be honest now those are the main things for me to buy as I have upgraded my Shared Bank to 80, I have 40 character slots, all my primary characters have +4 ultimate tomes read, max bank and inventory slots, I have all huge bags for gems and ingredients, ...

All I really buy anymore with my TP is pets and/cosmetics. And while I have considered pets because they have their own storage area, I am unable to justify buying cosmetic armor/robe/outfit kits when they take up inventory slots forever.

Please add special storage for items like the Owlbear, Panther, Boston Memorial Ribbon, Ice Skates, Spider Mask, Gear Cosmetics, ... I do not know about others but I have actually refused to buy many items just because I need my inventory and bank storage for items carried into quests and treasure found in quests.