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    Default Bard on the run - 12Bard/6Ranger/2Rogue

    Main objectives:
    - Bard Past Life
    - Sprint Boost

    Secondary objectives:
    - Evasion
    - Trap skills
    - Increased dps
    - Some epic viability

    I decided I wanted to get a bard past life on my main melee toon. I guess at some point I may want to go for completionist.

    Having sprint boost was non-negotiable, so that narrowed one of the classes to barbarian or ranger. I also wanted to have evasion and trapping skills, which meant going 2 rogue. Most bard splits involve 15-16 levels of bard, and for good reason. However, I wanted to get manyshot. The only way to do that, while still having the cleave line and evasion/traps was to take 6 ranger. Alternatively I could have gone 16Bard/2Fighter/2Ranger, but that would have meant no evasion or trap skills.

    Loss of the bard levels means no level 5/6 spells or Inspire Heroics/Excellence. This isn't much of a big deal. Otto's Irrestible dance being the spell I would miss the most, but mostly for running Epic Elites. This build is mainly aimed for getting through heroic levels and running some epics at level 20. I will probably play around with some epic elites, but I imagine dps will be quite low for that. I'm sure it would be able to contribute meaningfully in groups while in Fury, just by virtue of Adrenaline manyshot.

    Feel free to comment/critique on whatever aspect of the build you like.

    Leveling order and feats: Rogue and Ranger first, then race to Bard 7 for haste/displacement. Follow that with Rogue and then the remaining Ranger levels for manyshot at 15. Can pick up Virtuoso I at 18 (requires Extra Song IV, 10 bard) and Virtuoso II at 20.

    1 - Rogue: Power Attack, Cleave
    2 - Ranger: (Bow Strength)
    3 - Bard: Toughness/Barb PL
    4 - Bard
    5 - Bard
    6 - Bard: Great Cleave
    7 - Bard
    8 - Bard
    9 - Bard: Extend
    10 - Ranger: (Rapid Shot, TWF)
    11 - Ranger: (Diehard)
    12 - Ranger: IC: Slashing
    13 - Ranger: (Precise Shot)
    14 - Ranger
    15 - Ranger: Point Blank Shot, (Manyshot, ITWF)
    16 - Bard
    17 - Bard
    18 - Bard: Emp. Healing
    19 - Bard
    20 - Bard
    21 - Epic: Overwhelming Critical
    22 - Epic
    23 - Epic
    24 - Epic: IC: Ranged or Epic Toughness
    25 - Epic

    Skills: Maxed Concentration, Perform, UMD, DD and Search. Possibly also max diplomacy. Some points into Balance and Jump.

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