There is something going on in the auction house on Khyber. Someone is monopolizing the magical greater essence market. Over the last week, I have constantly been outbid at the last minute on essence auctions. I have bid on virtually EVERY essence up for bid and at the last minute., lose out. Now I don't mind losing a bid, it's a free country. BUT then I notice that all the greater essences are then reposted for sale, at a high CONSTANT price with high buyouts. Someone is playing a game on monopoly with Cannith crafting supplies, and I'm sick of it. I just returned to playing DDO after a long time away, and I'm trying to learn and play with the (new to me) crafting system.. I can't do so without crafting material. So, a notice to whoever it is doing this:: I am going to find out who you are, I am going to break you. I have tons of plat and I'm going to make it my mission to drive you away from the auction house. I suggest you surrender gracefully now, and we can be friends.