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    Default Why is Sunbeam not on the FvS/Cleric spell list?

    The most powerful light based spell in the game and it's a Druid spell?

    Any chance of getting that added to the FvS and Cleric spell table?

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    Quite simply because in D&D it is a druid spell. Also, it makes perfect sense because it is highly nature oriented. SUNbeam.

    If you want it to be a cleric spells (sorry, FvS doesnt get the option) then join the crowd asking for Cleric Domains, as the only way Clerics get to cast the spell is if they are of the Sun domain.

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    Earthquake is a cleric and druid spell in pnp game, and in ddo is only druid spell. The arcane spell list is lacking a lot of spells in ddo too (a ton!). Same for bard list.

    Ddo is missing a lot of spells, for all spellcasting classes.

    But yeah, this spell is a domain spell.
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