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I'm still VIP . . . but I haven't bought points all year. I used to buy a pack of points whenever they went on sale as I loved the cosmetic junk, TR/LR hearts, stat-tomes (yeah, P2Win I know), etc . . . there'd be useful stuff. I never minded, it was a game I loved and still the cheapest hobby I've ever had.

Post Motu . . . things have changed. Actually come to think of it I haven't bought points since MoTU.

Here's the thing . . . anyone who isn't homeless can easily afford $10/month for a subscription, but that's not gonna keep the lights on. There were only 500 people on Ghallanda last night at 8 PM eastern (I was bored, I counted). Even if they are all VIP that's nothing in terms of money.
That really depends. Because of timezones, and shifts in players and the times they come on, they could be pulling about $100,000.00 in annual revenue from VIPs on G-Land alone (note: revenue, not profit). We are a fairly low-population server. Plus, factoring out salaries, software maintenance costs are fairly low. Its the salaries that are the killer. But I'm beginning to believe that they are not paying top-dollar for talent.

But your point is noted.

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They need to sell us stuff, content, P2Win junk we don't need (and smart people have stopped buying), comsmetics, TR hearts, XP pots . .. etc. if we're not buying that stuff they are in trouble, their playerbase now is too small..
I basically stopped putting money into the game after MotU, and the reneg on the "all content" promise. It does make me wonder how many people ended up doing the same.