Good day!

After listening to my friend talk about how great DDO is for a bit, I decided to try and get involved. Well, I can't.

I've downloaded both the DDOstandard.exe and the DDOhigh.exe, and with both I get an error message that states; No Connectivity Detected. Please reconnect and try again.

Here is an image of said error message.

So, I went to the FAQ page, and tried all the following steps to no avail.

1) Tested connectivity with Internet Explorer 10 by going to the three websites listed, and the I went and did random Google searches. My internet is working fine.
2) Turn off Windows Firewall, and retried. Same problem.
3) Turn off Avast Antivirus, and retried. Same results.
4) Did a temporary clean boot, and retried. Nothing has changed.
5) Deleted and reinstalled the Microsoft .net Framework, still nothing.

I also did the dxdiag, and have the file handy, just haven't figured out how to post it without turning this post into a ten page essay.

I guess all I'm asking is, what else can I do? Any and all suggestions will be done, short of buying a new computer, I just don't have the funds for that.