Your stuningfist will be too small for endgame content, i still see saves on certain mobs with a 63dc (usually orange names though in EE) with your dumped wisdom i dont see you stunning anything meaningful, thats fine if your not going to run EE though it might still work in EH and maybe while leveling, a monk with no wisdom is handicapped for that reason alone, if you cant stun properly then you might aswell be using weapons and going fighter instead of monk so your dps isent bad..

if your set on being a kungfoo-caster, human cleric/monk will be a better by a long way - you might not have displacement/incorpreal but your healing is so superior it never matters, your aura can be amped to tick at 150 non-crit bursts heal your whole bar before even dipping into sp, divine power and favor make up for no tensers, and your stun dc will be in the clouds and you can heal your mates.

I get that you wanna play the iconic you just braught though just throwing them ideas to you for a experience deeper than cosmetics wich basically what that levitating cool-looking robot build is