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    Default Iconic's anyone else want to admit they are pretty dang cool?

    I guess I expected them to be newb traps or cookie cutter "path" characters that could not be multiclassed or taken off their path. From the name I honestly half expected them to be pre-named "Drizzt" "Sturm" "Raistlin" etc. That's how badly prefabbed I thought they were going to be. But I looked at the Bloadeforged, saw some builds I wanted to try, and a free trip to level 15 to get most of the way there so I forked out for the pack.

    I've got two really intriguing Bladeforged based builds in the planner, and was looking over the coming enhancement additions they are supposed to get (reconstruction SLA is worth buying Bladeforged all by itself), so I looked over the other three iconics and started thinking about what I could do with each one.

    I nearly sprung one reading the Shadar Kai Assassin, as I've had an INT based Assassin Rogue/Monk build I've wanted to do forever (seriously a couple years now, lately I was even hoping the enhancement pass would take some of the rogue levels out of the DC roll, like 1/2 rogue levels instead of 1 for 1 so I could revive the idea)... but it was never going to be viable. because I really wanted Monk Abundant step and some Ninja spy shadow fade... You can't make this stuff up; here comes Shadar Kai, with a leap/step like ability that also makes them go non corp briefly, and the Shadow ED will cover the 25% non corp part of it. So a pure or almost pure rogue build pumping INT and using eMNG in one hand and Treason/Rebellion in the other (DEX based to hit and damage). Hardest part will be getting an eMNG at this point with so few people running house K epics. The cool (sounding) Spiked chain special attack is also sounding Nerdgasmic.

    Bladeforged I've got going is a 1 fighter 2 Pali 17 FvS melee soul and a 2 pali 18 Sorc, using Dynastic Falcata and Skiver as mostly a caster stick (two red slots ) but swinging at trash on occasion to finish stuff off and save some SP (Falcata is CHA/CHA tohit and damage)

    Looking at the PDK.. That CHA to hit and damage has massive Paladin Synergy, take the requisite 1 Fighter and 15 or more Paladin, take Divine Might III (which is even better for Chrisma after the enhancement pass makes it last longer and use CHA mod for damage) and use some of the ED smite twists, and main ED blitz or Adrenalin. Equip two Deathnips, eventually eSOS and watch the bodies hit the floor.

    The Morninglord with the unfortunate sounding name even has some minor interest... To be sure the weakest of the Iconic's it really could use another special ability or selling point... Maybe free Elf Displacement dragonmark? Ah but it's a FR iconic so no... That said: turn in some tome pages and get one or two Coronation's, Khopesh crit profile, Greater ribcracker and TWO red (Actually one purple and one red) augment slots for Devotion/Radiance upgradable all the way to cap.

    Yeah I think the trepidation about iconics was mostly much ado about nothing, personally I misunderstood them to be a new player thing. But there seems to be lots of meat on these bones for multiclassing... I am surprised at how much new variety and potential build synergy these have, and will look forward to any iconic's they add in the future. As someone who doesn't much enjoy TR lives (but has Altaholism) their biggest down side is fairly irrelevant to me (though it seems they're going to add some form of TR to them. As long as they put LR's in for them, I think I'll enjoy them as I'm also a respecc junky.
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