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Unfortunately, this is a myth.

Grind is optional. Farming high XP/min quests is most definitely the most time-efficient way of gaining XP, but this doesn't suit everyone. Luckily you don't need to do this.

To prove this point, for my 40th life, we decided to:
1. do every quest once and once only ... you have no idea how much pain this caused me to leave Shadow Crypt after only one run, but them's the rules
2. do challenges just once to try and get as many stars as possible and the first time XP bonusses that come with them - we skipped kobold island challenges completely because they're a pain without a full party of arcanes to keep the crystals repaired
3. tag each explorer for each wilderness area on a single run, check for rares but not reset and repeat to try and get them all, and just pick up whatever slayers we got in the process
4. not drink any XP pots, not even the ones you get from House Cannith challenges or turning in Eberron Dragonshards

Now both myself and my regular TR buddy have the Greater Learning Tome from the MotU expansion. I'm a VIP, but he isn't so I get the extra 10% XP from that, but he doesn't. As a VIP I get all of the volumes in the Monster Manual but he's missing the latest one I think. So I did pick up more XP from the Monster Manual in the process than he did.

The end result was that we both reached 20 without having to repeat a single quest, just by doing an Elite Streak. We ended up banking levels and ended up having to level to avoid wasting XP, which unfortunately meant we didn't get the Elite Streak bonus for those quests. We skipped the Lords of Dust chain completely and just came back to do it on Epic because the Epic XP is so good. Probably half of the raids we didnt' have a party at-level for so we skipped those too. It's definitely not the fastest life I've ever done, but we proved it's doable. Also, when you don't have an XP Pot burning away, you're much more relaxed about taking your time through the quests, so I'm confident a semi-capable party of 3rd lifers could maintain their elite streak at least until level 18.

So I'm afraid grind is 100% optional. You might be missing an adventure pack but that's something you can fix.
Well, no, the grind is not optional except with respect to whether you choose to tr or not.

Personally, I only tr my characters to a third life (to get the stat increase) and that's it. As you point out, you don't have to "farm" quests like shadow crypt in a heroic tr. And I don't. I run most quests once or twice. And it's ok to do once, or twice, but all the way to completionist? No thanks, not for me. It's still a "grind" since I prefer to play at cap.

Don't get me wrong. The current heroic tr system is somewhat fair (almost). I'm not forced to tr any more than I choose. It's fair provided the past-life bonuses are marginal and don't make it seem "mandatory" to go for completionist. (Something like the +2 spell pen for wiz half-lives is an example of something outside of that since 3 wiz past-lives versus no past-lives seems like too much of a difference.) I can give you the plus 2 stat completionist bonuses and other small bonuses in things like hp. You are full value for those benefits, but I can still go into an Epic Elite quest on my 2-time tr and contribute. So I don't have to "grind" any more than I decide to.

But where I have a problem is with Turbine's new proposal for epic tr. Why force everyone to go back to level 0? Maybe I want an epic past-life bonus and I'm ok with redoing level 20-28, but can't stand the thought of heroic levels. Why force me to redo that "grind". (I'm not making it a "grind" by farming certain quests, to me it's a grind no matter what.) Why reset destiny xp to 0? I might be ok with redoing levels 20-28 in a fun ED, but not OK with spending time in a bunch of "unfun" EDs. That feels "grindy" to me.