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How I see it:
1. Make Heroic TR and Destiny Bonding independent from each other.
2. Grant bonus ability point of choice (not build point, _ability_ point of choice added after build points are spent) for TRing past lvl 25 and 2nd one for TRing at 28, thus rewarding character directly for burning more XP with something more than often-useless build points. Alternatively, grant a stance-like feat giving a stacking + to stat of choice, exchangable at shrine (or perhaps at Fred's).
3. Make Destiny bonding reset a single sphere instead of whole tree (by the time we get to this, I'm hoping cleric destiny will be ready), but that it can be done only if the whole sphere is capped - example - having 1980k xp in Fatesinger, Draconic, and Magister, one could Bond one of those destinies, thus getting "Epic benefit" from it.

38 point build isn't really worth burning 6.6 mil xp more. Bonus ability point, however... Ability point of choice is worth a lot more than 2 build points.
THIS is an idea I would get behind. Being granted 2 extra ability points for burning 27 million experience would be worth it to me - EVEN IF I GOT NOTHING ELSE. I wouldn't be able to cap my rogue's other destinies fast enough to take advantage of this - or my monk's or my druid's! On top of that, you can level-gate the extra ability points for all I care. I do not have to have them at level one (but that would be A W E S O M E). Give me one at level 3 or 4 and the other at level 7 or 8 and I would still be excited about that.

Also, something that is not being talked about much in this thread, get rid of the permanent quest repetition penalties. Put them on a ransack timer or something. We are going to need them to go away (or you are going to have to restore the challenge experience) in order to get to level 28.