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Wrong. Please, remember that this is more of a brainstorming session than it is a set in stone announcement about what's coming.

Additionally, while we appreciate people's passionate opinions about this issue, the amount of rage in this thread needs to be lowered. Nothing is set in stone. Repeat:


I have frequently read on the forums that folks would like to see more back and forth with the developers in regards to hot issues undergoing development work. This is your chance to do so in a way that doesn't amount to screaming in someone's face. Keep in mind that there's a lot of discussion taking place based on your feedback, but a lot of that discussion will not be made public until it's in a state to put out there as a possibility or an idea being put forward for feedback.

Note...I'm not screaming here....I am a Turbine fan. I love DDO and hope it's lifespan at least matches that of Asherron's call.

With that being said, the one real dev reply on this subjuect seemed to point out that losing destinies during heroic TR was an important feature of the new TR system. The ONE and only reply to the nerdrage going on in this thread didn't give us any hope that the specific Idea of losing destinies in this fashion was negotiable. Instead he (Piloto) spent more time explaining why this would happen and didn't give us comfort that it is possible that this idea could be taken off the table.

If someone at turbine would tell us: "We hear you and are truly considering taking this feature (Loss of Destinies in heroic TR) off the table, people might actaully feel better. We know nothing is written in stone, but it seems there might be some stong opinions on the development team that may have overall veto power over the loud protests here in the fourms.

Make us feel better. Make us think you are truly listening to us.