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    You seem closed to alternatives because its a coding/implementation issue that breaks your existing system, but statements were already made that its merely a brainstorm session right now and no actual work has been done. So if nothing is set in stone why is your creation resisting all offers to reshape it into a more acceptable form?

    All this talk of compensation only reinforces the feeling that the initial proposal is not a proposal but in fact the final incarnation of update 20. Which means further posts from game officials are just lip-service to try to prevent a community meltdown. If this assumption is wrong then please prove it with an official response that amounts to more than 'we hear your concerns, so we're trying to think of new shineys to distract you from the fact that we're going to go ahead and do it anyway, neener neener'. (Not necessarily in a response to my post, just whenever you decide to chime up again)

    While I don't think theres anything wrong with players that window farmed RB to get their destiny xp - I didn't. So when I say please keep Heroic TR completely separate from epic destiny experience, I'm not trying to save myself "a weekend of grinding", as some members put it. I'm trying to preserve the epic advancements I've earned on multiple characters via multiple TR's stretching all the way back to the summer of 2012.

    Give special attention to the grandfather idea put forth near the beginning of this thread. Because if you continue to shrug off our pleas then you have to at least *not* punish the players who bought MoTU and believed you when you said that this exact scenario would never happen. Anything less is an outright deal-breaker and I promise you will feel it in your proverbial wallet.

    I've been a VIP for 4 years. 5/6 of my guild members have been VIP for just as long if not longer. Quitting is something none of us ever discussed. Now its a very real topic amongst us. My friends list is TR buddies and EE players that I've known throughout those years and many of them are talking about quitting too. And its not a rage quit. Its the reluctant "well you just broke my favorite toy so I'm gonna go wander around and find something else to do" kind of quit.

    READ: To the vast majority of your user-base, you are punishing them for spending their money on your product. If its not obvious by now how dangerous of a move that could be, then push on and watch what happens.

    ~Alyssa Dawnfire, Leader of Vicious Cycle - Sarlona server.
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