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    Quote Originally Posted by Urgforum View Post
    Allowing Heroic TR to continue working the way TR currently does isn't an incentive to avoid epic level play.
    Funny you should say that!

    The thing I enjoy most is the 3-11 quests... although my favourite quest in the whole game is "lords of dust" - because I have been a gnomon fan forever! (how else can I use my Halfling Bane weapons... (they are explicitly banned from Guild PVP)).

    I have... after 8 lives finally been persuaded to do epic stuff (10 days ago or so)... start farming destinies.... and now this news.
    So it is back to ->20 and TR for the foreseeable future... but this isn't what I paid for. Any chance of my money back?

    EDIT: It would be really helpful to hear what the devs are trying to achieve? Do they want to make things more fun? Do they want to be able to sell more store items? Do they want to level the playing field for the massive(??) influx of new players because of FR content and NWO suckage?

    I am all in favour of more communication, but this has been presented much as a "FACT"... with an included deadline (U20). Past experience has shown that even the major bugs seen on LAM have made it to Live... so I think the dev team can understand we don't take their "nothing is set in stone" seriously. They have a lot of work to do to get over that reputation... and the fact that some of the DDO community team seem to be spending more time on other turbine forums does nothing to make me feel better.

    If DDO is going into caretaker mode.... then so be it. Just don't ruin it all for us with lots of new, hastily (what is the timeframe between now - allegedly only in the "talking about" phase - and U20???) constructed stuff. Those of us that are playing the game, are playing it how it is.
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