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It is not about hurting anyone. I only prevent to hurting me by the bore.
But if you get your way then you'd be boring me. I find not zerging to be boring. I enjoy challenging myself to complete familiar and easy (ie not EE) quests in faster and faster times. I've even ran a stopwatch on a full Rusted Blades before, from going in to regrabbing the window (2:18 but I'm working on making it faster). So what you're asking for is for Turbine to change the game to make it more enjoyable to you while directly making it less enjoyable for me.

In addition it sounds like you're asking them to make traps impassible without a trapper. That would mean forcing people to either run a hireling (which is turbine points only at heroic levels) or to group for quite a few quests. Some players don't have the time for that every time they log in. Does that mean that they either have to roll up only trappers or they're not allowed to play unless they have enough time for a group? Seems fairly extreme a viewpoint to me...a forcing of one person's preferred play style on to everyone else.

I guess my point is that everyone has a way they prefer to play the game. For you it's taking your time, keeping the group together, waiting on the rogue to finish traps, etc. You should put up an LFM and say that! That's why the LFM tool is there - to find like-minded people with whom you can enjoy the game. Meanwhile, I'll put up my LFM that says byoh which basically tells people enough - when the quest shows that it's already in progress and your LFM says byoh people seem to get the message and I've never had someone join and make it to the quest that didn't understand that message. In that scenario we both come out on top - you get 5 people to join you that enjoy taking the quest slow and playing it strategically and I get whoever shows up to keep me company while I try for a new best time on the Rusted Blades race track.