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    Default The Chameleon - Ultimate "I Can Do Everything" Character

    So... Who exactly is Chameleon?

    Chameleon is a melee, sneaky, party buffer, self healing capable, trapper, debuffer, secondary DPS, bard, rogue, favored soul gimp. It's supposed to do everything. LFM states "Cleric only"? You're cleric then! LFM states "arcane buffs plz"? You're a buffer then! LFM states "trapper needed"? Trapmonkey aboard!

    And most of all it's toon aimed at giving me FvS past life. Also ability to do a lot of stuff is a plus. I enjoy playing versatile characters.

    But how could you get your toon to do so many things? And why would you gimp yourself so hard?

    Let me explain! Starting with...


    36pt build, bunch of +3 tomes, some relatively easy to acquire gear. I'll use my character (7 past lives) and my currently acquired gear as example.

    Past Lives
    Fighter, 2 Pally, 2 Ranger, Rouge, Barbarian

    Level split

    Favored Soul 9

    BAB 20 (Divine Power)
    90 HP
    Good saves
    Divine Spellcasting
    Cure Critical Wounds
    Healing spells enhancements
    Lots of spell points

    Bard 8

    48 HP
    Good Will and Reflex saves
    Arcane Spellcasting
    Healing spells enhancements
    Inspire Courage +5 to hit/+6 damage
    Ironskin Chant
    Crazy amount of useful buffs (haste, rage, blur, displacement, focusing chant, good hope)

    Rogue 3
    18 HP
    Good Reflex save
    Traps, traps, traps. Also traps. Did i forgot to mention about traps? I did? Then traps.
    2d6+4 Sneak Attack

    Race - Human

    Extra skill points and feat. You need both. Good enhancements are just icing on the cake.

    Stats breakdown. Lvl 20 36pt build.

    Strength 15 Base +5 level +3 Tome +7 Item +1 Race +2 Guild +5 Primal Scream +2 Insight = 40 + 2 Madstone +2 Double Madstone +4 Barb pastlife +4 Tenser Transform = 40 easy to acquire base / 52 Boss Boosted
    Dexterity 14 Base +3 Tome +6 Item +1 Rogue +2 Guild +4 Tenser Transform = 26 / 30 Boss Boosted
    Constitution 16 Base +3 Tome +2 guild +7 item +1 Race +2 Insight +5 Primal Scream=34 +4 madstone +4 barb past life +4 Tenser Transform = 46 Boss Boosted
    Intelligence 15 Base +3 Tome +6 Item +2 guild = 26
    Wisdom 8 Base +2 Tome +6 Item +2 guild = 18
    Charisma 12 Base +3 Tome +6 Item +2 Guild +1 Class = 24

    Leveling Order
    1 Rogue
    2-3 Bard
    4 FvS
    5 Rogue
    6-10 Bard
    11-18 FvS
    19 Bard
    20 Rogue

    H. Power Attack
    1. Weapon Focus: Slashing
    3. TWF
    6. Past life - barbarian
    9. Khopesh
    12. Improved TWF
    15. Improved Critical: Slashing
    18. Greater TWF

    Rogue Haste Boost I
    Bard Extra Song III
    Bard Inspired Attack II
    Bard Inspired Bravery II
    Bard Inspired Damage II
    Bard Lingering Song II
    Bard Warchanter I
    Human Adaptability Strength I
    Human Greater Adaptability Constitution I
    Human Improved Recovery II
    Racial Toughness III
    Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I
    Rogue Sneak Attack Training I
    Bard Song Magic III
    Favored Soul Life Magic III
    Favored Soul Energy of the Scion III
    Favored Soul Charisma I
    Rogue Dexterity I
    Favored Soul Toughness III
    Bard Wand and Scroll Mastery III

    Self healing
    Positive Spell Power = 60 Bard + 60 FvS + 72 item = 192 which equals into 2.92 times more powerful healing spells.
    Healing amp: 30% item * 20% item * 20% Enhancement *10% Pally PL *10% ship = 2.255 incoming healing multiplier
    Cure Critical Wounds hitting for: 31 average *2.92*2.255 = 203. Not bad for almost no investment in gear.
    Heal Scrolls hitting for: 110*1.6*2.255 = 398

    UMD, Search, Spot, DD, Concentration maxed out. Lots of leftover points for social skills. With few gear swap character should be capable of doing all traps during leveling.

    UMD : 23 + 7 Cha + 1 Focusing Chant + 3 Flameward +3 Exc. Charisma +1 Exc. Charisma +2 heroism= 40
    No fail heal, GH, Tenser Transform, Restoration and bunch of other goodies.

    Hit Points
    156 Class
    20 Heroic Durability
    10 Argo Favor
    10 Barb PL
    20 Barb PL feat
    60 Enhancements
    30 GFL
    240 Constitution
    45 GS

    591 total sustainable at lvl 20. More than enough for any heroic content.

    Physical Defenses
    10% Incorporeal
    50% Displacement
    Estimated 10% dmg reduction from PRR
    Ac hitting low 60 with few gear swaps.


    Reflex: 15 Base + 8 Dex + 1 Ship + 9 items +4 GH +1 haste = 38
    Will: 13 Base + 4 Wis + 1 ship + 9 items +4 GH = 31
    Fort: 9 Base + 12 Con+ 1 ship + 9 items +4 GH = 35
    Above numbers go higher with use of better gear, party buffs, scrolls (thinking of recitation) etc.

    Note: this is alpha version, which consists of items I have in my bank. No real tweaking, feel free to post ideas on how would you change my gear, what would be good idea to farm out before tring etc.

    Armour: Dragontouched with True Seeing, +3 cha skills, Radiance guard
    Gloves: Purple Dragon Gauntlets (+7 str +2 Ins con +30% healing amp)
    Head: Purple Dragon Helm (+7 con +2 ins str +15 Intimidate)
    Bracers: Covalescent 20% Bracers of Greater Parrying (+20% healing amp +2 ac/saves)
    Necklace: Epic Goldem Guile slotted with +150 SP (+10% incorporeal +20 bluff/diplo +1 Cha skills + improved deception)/ Torc when low on mana
    Boots: Madstone Boots
    Googles: Elite Dream Visors Slotted with Deathblock (+2 hit/dmg +15 spot) or Tharne Googles (+15 search/spot +8 dmg on SA)/ Random loot +15 DD with +6 int slotted.
    Cloak: Greensteel +45 hp + Heavy fort
    Belt: Random Loot GFL (+30 hp)
    Ring 1: Random loot +6 cha +7 saves
    Ring 2: Random loot +72 Devotion
    Trinket: Wisdom +6 Ioun Stone

    Weapons: Pair of Lit II khopeshes and cannith crafted dr beaters for pretty much every boss in game.

    So this is it, thank you for sparing your free time to break that wall of text. Feel free to comment, and please if you have any constructive feedback feel free to post it.

    PS. Sorry for terrible grammar and typos, english is my 2nd language, and while i tried my best to check for mistakes, some might have escaped watchful eyes of auto correct and my dictionary.
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    If this build is just for an FVS life I'm not too sure why you are including anything level 20+ or even mentioning an end build.
    You should post what levels you are taking in order instead of gear really.
    With a caster split you will get your spells late and buffs with have short duration especially without extend, I would recommend a good hope and GS clickies of haste and displace instead of bard at all then you could put some more levels toward FVS to get your cures earlier and heal by vale perhaps paladin for better saves or fighter for more feats (like cleaves I find extremely useful while TRing).

    it is an interesting build no doubt but far from optimal.

    13/3/4 fvs/rogue/fighter
    16/2/2 fvs/rogue(or monk)/paladin
    12/8 fvs/fighter
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    I'll spend some time sitting at level 20, farming out dungeon tokens for True Heart of Wood. That's why i used a little bit of epic gear, and used only pieces you equip on level 20. No tricky gear from Underdark or High Road of Shadow (Seal of House Avithoul comes to mind, or Treads of Falling Shadow) + i do believe this character will be able to run all eh, and most of ee content with full equipement (and in party of course).

    As to short buff duration. I've spent last 7 lives spamming haste/rage/blur/displace/shield/heroism/GH/Tenser Transformation clickies/scrolls/pots. So a little bit of juggling with buffs doesn't bother me at all. Also i should have enough spell points to just spam spells as much as i need. Don't forget about Torc and it's endless mana. I might even drop Khopesh for mentioned extend. Dual wielding Peals Of Thunder is lot of fun.

    My characters have all been melee focused juggernauts, sitting at top kill count in about 90% of quests. I've been farming heroic elite Servants of the Overlord. Solo. I'm searching for different aproach on "How do i get fun out of this game". And that's the reason why i took this, rather unconvential level split.

    And thanks for suggestion, I'll add leveling order to 1st post.

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    Default good SOLO build.

    Looks like a solid heroic solo build. You should be able to get to lvl 20 in no time. However in a group I see you as only being wanted if there are no other trappers wanting to join. Your healing of others will require them to have a substantial healing amp and for them to be fairly self sufficient. Without level 5 spells you have no mass cures or even a raise dead. I'm not saying that your character is worthless because I see him being a solid melee for heroic content capable of leading the kill count. I do not see him as being a solid support build being able to help others more than they could themselves with a large supply of potions.

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    I agree with most of what you said. My DPS will be high enough to make me worthy party member, and I'll be able to get all traps on my way to 20. I also agree that i won't be having buffs as good as buff focused toons. Heck, average bard will be better at that. On the other hand how often do you see bards in your parties? This toon will toss out +5 hit/+6 damage song, which equals to pretty much +12 str for party. +12 str is HUGE. Just imagine toon with +12 str item stacking with everything else.

    Healing others surely won't be top notch, but i should be able to sustain decently build melee characters without breaking a sweat. At least in quests. Nobody goes without healers into raids, so i don't need to bother with that. Raise Dead scrolls cover need for, well, ability to raise dead people, and heal scrolls can keep up any decent party going. People without any heal amp will be hit for 176. More than enough for my needs.

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