I've been away from the game for about a year, and I'm thinking I want to TR my (extremely) old KotC Drow Paladin into a melee Druid. I'm planning on doing Wolf Form with Half Elf as my race for the extra 3d6 Sneak Attack damage.

I do have several questions on Druids though. I haven't seen many pure Druid builds (I found one, though the poster claimed that Quicken was unneeded for casting spells in EE when you have aggro, so I was skeptical of the build); are pure melee druids not viable? Additionally, why is it that many melee druids seem to start with 16 WIS?

Also, what ED do people normally take? I'm thinking that Shadowdancer might be a good choice for the extra Sneak Attack, Evasion at level 6, bonuses to Reflex save, and bypassing mob fort/dodge. For twists I think I might want to take Legendary Shield Mastery, Haste Boost, and Rejuvenation Cocoon.

For feats I'm thinking 3x Natural Fighting, Shield Mastery, Improved Shield Mastery, IC: Bludgeon, Empower Healing, Quicken, PA, and Toughness.

Advice would be appreciated.