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    Angry Learn to read please!

    Srry for the rant here but im just so frustrated after what just happened. I joined an ee tor group and asked where in quest the party was. Words i used were "where in quest are u?" I was then kicked with no chance to respond. I pm our brave and noble leader and am told that i was kicked because i asked what quest the party was running when it was clearly stated in lfm. I pm leader and ask her to take another look at what i said explaining i was just asking where they were so i would know what dragon to head to. They respond by saying yea they get it now they just "read it differently". I ask for reinvite since my kick was due to a misunderstanding and am told "full now". I pm leader and ask if they can kick new person and reinvite me since its not my fault the leader misread the message. I am met with silence...

    This strikes me as being a 2 part problem with 2 independent solutions.

    1. If the leader read and understood perfect english and didn't read ":where in quest are u?" as "what quest are u in?" we would never have had a problem. Solution is to read carefully and understand grammar better.
    2. Even if i had asked what quest they were in i wouldn't have expected to have been kicked. I would never do that to anyone if i were leading a group. Even if they didn't read lfm, which admittedly can be frustrating, doesnt mean u have to be a jerk and kick them. Telling them takes a second of your time and is not worth making an enemy over. Solution is to be more patient.

    In a game with an already small server population its not good to hold grudges. I dont even keep a squlesh list. Therefor if I get a decent apoligy from this leader I will run with him again even if he can be a jerk sometimes. Every human has some good in them. If not though its just not worth the drama and frustration. Last thing can everyone pls make an effort to be more patient and understand grammar better. It will make Thelanis a better place. ty
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