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    Default suggestions for a build

    3 past lives pure ranger.
    until new enhancement system comes out, I might TR if someone can post a build w/ the following considered;

    BP armor, (lots of it)
    Named items (lots of them)
    E-Fang (2 of them) (basties not mandatory, but....)

    That's it. based on current system, looking for a great build (pure class pref)
    That I don't have to grind or hunt for gear.

    if at all possible, use Ron's Character Planner.

    OH YEAH, state the reason behind your suggestion.

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    BS melee Arti WF? The Ranger PLs will give you a nice boost to your repeater damage for a ranged backup, and Artis arent too gear dependent, plus they're fairly self-sufficient through Heroic and can trap. Or do you need a Dragonmark-able race for the Fang?

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    try this

    trying to take advantage of the 3 ranger pls

    Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 03.14.02
    DDO Character Planner Home Page
    Level 20 Lawful Good Half-Elf Male
    (20 Fighter) 
    Hit Points: 322
    Spell Points: 0 
    BAB: 20\20\25\30\30
    Fortitude: 18
    Reflex: 12
    Will: 8
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
    (36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 20)
    Strength             16                    23
    Dexterity            16                    19
    Constitution         16                    18
    Intelligence          8                    10
    Wisdom                9                    11
    Charisma             13                    15
    Tomes Used
    +2 Tome of Strength used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Constitution used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Intelligence used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Wisdom used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Charisma used at level 7
    +3 Tome of Dexterity used at level 11
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
                     Base Skills         Modified Skills
    Skills           (Level 1)            (Level 20)
    Balance               3                     4
    Bluff                 1                     2
    Concentration         3                     4
    Diplomacy             1                     2
    Disable Device       n/a                    n/a
    Haggle                1                     2
    Heal                 -1                     0
    Hide                  3                     4
    Intimidate            1                     2
    Jump                  3                     6
    Listen               -1                     0
    Move Silently         3                     4
    Open Lock             n/a                   n/a
    Perform               n/a                   n/a
    Repair               -1                     0
    Search               -1                     0
    Spot                 -1                     0
    Swim                  3                     6
    Tumble                n/a                   n/a
    Use Magic Device      n/a                   n/a
    Level 1 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Selected) Cleave
    Feat: (Half-Elf Dilettante) Half-Elf Dilettante: Paladin
    Feat: (Past Life) Past Life: Ranger
    Feat: (Past Life) Past Life: Ranger
    Feat: (Past Life) Past Life: Ranger
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Power Attack
    Level 2 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword
    Level 3 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Selected) Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
    Level 4 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Weapon Specialization: Slashing Weapons
    Level 5 (Fighter)
    Level 6 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Great Cleave
    Level 7 (Fighter)
    Level 8 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 9 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 10 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Greater Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
    Level 11 (Fighter)
    Level 12 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Point Blank Shot
    Feat: (Selected) Rapid Shot
    Level 13 (Fighter)
    Level 14 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Manyshot
    Level 15 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Selected) Toughness
    Level 16 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Greater Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 17 (Fighter)
    Level 18 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Selected) Greater Weapon Specialization: Slashing Weapons
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons
    Level 19 (Fighter)
    Level 20 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Superior Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
    can go kensi or sd if im right, decent twf with burst manyshot damage.

    i know you wanted to got pure, but adding in 2 monk and 2 ranger levels would make it a better build

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