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I can also confirm the +3 to +4 'Supreme' is actually a tome bundle (best deal of the bunch for players with multiple upper level characters that may have already eaten any combination of tomes already).

Maybe rename it as a Tome Combo vs. Supreme tome? I'll just continue to think of it as Combo #5 for my own amusement.
So, I bought one. Now, I have no idea what to use it on... I have a few chars with +1 tomes on like 2 feats, and one iconic with more tomes than was probably smart given that this tome exists...

Is it best to make a level 1 char and eat it at level 1? And the tome +s carry over through tr right? Sorry, I am a total noob. (edit: I know you dont get all +4 at level one, but the guy above seemed to indicate you will get +1 at level one and then another +1 at each of the tome points...)