I just thought it would be fun to see what quest packs/adventures DDO players are enjoying from the selection that we have available. Perhaps the Devs could even use this information in future development to see what the player base likes and does not like in an adventure pack. It could also be useful to premium players in seeing which quests are enjoyable or have good rewards.

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So to start with, what is your favorite practical quest pack? In essence, which quest pack do you play more for the rewards or xp over the storyline, but do not mind running the quests either?

What is your least favorite practical quest pack? Which quest pack do you not enjoy running, but do so anyway because it offers good rewards and/or xp?

What is your favorite quest pack overall?

What is your least favorite quest pack overall?

What elements do you enjoy in a quest pack? Do you like puzzles, lots of traps, or perhaps just hack and slash?

What elements do you hate in a quest pack?

What monsters do you enjoy fighting?

What monsters do you hate to fight?