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    Default Tolero Cordovan: pls pass along the message: Fix this dump or Revert!

    Still being logged out at an incredibly insane rates, still getting corrupt content error when posting, still getting double posts, still losing everything I wrote when the forum directs me to a login but for some reason wont let me back button to my post, still being redirected to the fluff screens instead of the thread I was viewing when I log in... There's still no remember me...

    Seriously this is the most pitiful and amateurish thing I've ever seen done to a forum, and that includes a local off roading forum I read that's run by complete hay seed red necks (don't worry that phrase wouldn't hurt their feelings just get you a LOL and a double flip off emoticon) who haven't the slightest clue, who managed to bork their forum so bad trying to migrate to a new version of PHP that they just went ahead and created a whole new forum on a different domain and forced everyone to make new accounts...

    THAT FORUM WORKED PERFECTLY a week afterward...

    At this point the possibility has to be taken seriously that this terrible level of non-functionality is intentional.

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    You know I was about to post and ask if I was the only one being constantly auto-logged out again, including after 99% of my posts. That problem had been fixed but it seems, at least for me, to be back with a vengeance.

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    YANA. ( for those that will catch the reference )

    I'm also getting really tired to have to relog every 15 minutes.
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    I completely agree - if this can't be fixed in the next few days stop wasting both your time and ours and go back to the previous forums.

    This is yet another unnecessary project that is not only wasting Turbine time but also ****ing off your customers. Who recommended this? Did they say "the new forums will be so much better than the old forums"? O.o

    I still wonder at the decision to get rid of My.DDO. Sure maybe it was buggy and unfinished, but you could have put the man-hours you're putting into these forums into My.DDO instead. And My.DDO had lots of content that kept people coming back (...clicking on your site?...): blogging, looking at character stuff, lotteries, etc.

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