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    Default trade list for heart of wood and another expansion code

    GOT the code,still looking for:

    heart of wood (any kind,price starts at 2mil plat or name what u want from list)
    lootgen bracer:Convalescent(20%) Bracers of Superior Parrying with a colorless slot.

    have for trade:
    plats, timers,astral shards.
    EE black helm with 3 DEX
    EE white dragon helm with 3STR
    Globe of true imperial blood
    EE Iron beads
    EE crystaline scepter
    EE arkat's belt
    EE jorgundal's collar
    EE poison quiver
    EE steady handed armbands
    EE manacles of ceaseless toil
    EE skyvault shield
    EE tor weaponary
    EE mountain's fist
    EH giant brawn belt
    EH whisperchain
    EH bracer of twisting shade
    EN dream visor
    seal of house Don'Robar (+7 STR +10 vertigo)
    +4 tomes
    some heroic items for TR like Dream visor(heroic elite),sun blade,zephyr(old version)
    loot gen:
    +6 magnetism heavy mace of electric mastery
    +6 corrision sceptor of acid mastery
    +6 magnetism sceptor of major necromancy(3 DC) focus with spell penetration IX
    +3 glaciation120/magnitism120/potency80/red slot quarterstaff with necromancy mastery

    lv20-24 augment gems(any kind)
    restored relics(80+each)
    Flawless dragon scales(blue,white,black,red)
    greensteel ingredients(including yellow dopant)

    reply here or find me in game
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