I've been intrigued by the Druid class but haven't made one yet. However, I'm nearing the end of a caster life on another character and I want to play something different afterwards, even if it's just a fun build to mess around with.

Anyway, my first thought was a dwarf bear form Drd 16/Bbn 2/Ftr 2 but from everything I've read, bear forms sucks and Bbn isn't very helpful since you can't cast while raging. I could just as easily go Drd 16/Ftr 4.

I know there are a lot of builds with 2 monk levels but it lowers your damage die (unless you have past lives) and you have to worry about staying centered. However, Drd 16/Ftr 2/Monk 2 would provide the most feats for a feat-starved build.

Also, is it possible to build a melee druid (along with enhancement respecs here and there) and still be viable in both forms? Figure if I had a decent all-around build, I could try out both forms and see what I prefer.