Back before the new forum, I'd get email notification of replies to posts I had subscribed to.

Not anymore. Yet another broken thing that'll never be fixed by Turbine? What am I paying for with VIP?

I don't see tons of complaints here, so I thought it was maybe that my account email got lost in the transition. So, I go poking around "My Account", "My Profile", and "Settings" and can't find a place for email.

Is it just me or are others also not getting email notification of replies to threads you ARE subscribed to?

Frankly, I like to be a non-complainer and diss whiners. However, for more than a year, Turbine has been going in the wrong direction and I just ain't happy with how my game money is being spent and repeated strong-arming by Turbine to force me to shell out more money for a game that becomes more and more broken. You know, more money like for expansions that we were promised would be free to VIP'ers when the game FTP.