Hi, I've been inactive on DDO for about 8 months now and now I'm planning on returning. But before I do so, I want some assurances that I will stay (so I don't buy VIP and play for a week and waste the rest). And that is mostly to have someone to play with. So I'm looking for a guild with mature active players in most level ranges. Also I live in +1 GMT and play from anywhere between 15:30-22:00 (03:30pm-10pm) so I will not join a guild w/o players in time zones close to mine (like an american guild).
As for information about me, I have 4 toons. Lvl 18 barbarin, lvl 15 Artificer, lvl 7pally/6ranger/2monk and a lvl 10 wizard. And I guess that's it.