So uh..yeah utterly unimpressed except for maybe KI and I'm just sick of fighting games and of course Metal Gear which is awesome but not something I'd buy a console for alone.

Tell me if I've missed anything

- A generic roman fighting game with way to many QTEs

- a bunch of shooters

- no new info about stuff like used games, etc.

- some flash games i could get for free or cheap on steam despite microsofts claim of exclusivity

- another Halo...titled no we have a Halo on Xbox and Xbox one...not confusing at all - 500$ price point, release date Nov.2013 (so holiday season this year not really a secret)

- World of Tanks a F2P MMO which I can use a gamepad for anyways on PC is coming to Xbox for gold members only defeating the purpose of a F2P game

- 2 free games a month for gold members...awesome until they clarified its 2 specifics REALLY OLD games that everyone already has every month

- Another dead rsing games...cause everyone wants more zombie games

and than...the end? did i miss something i was away for about 10-20 mins to make lunch and the ability to rewind seemed to break so I couldn't go back was there something super awesome in there?

At this point I wish they would announce some new dumb decision for the console like it must be sat at a 45 degree angle or something to function just so theres something to talk about.