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    Default response to your question

    Enhancements - druid has some bugs. i kept "harrier" even though i reset enhancements. My half-elf bard delitante wouldn't work at one point.

    Guild Decay - my guild consists of my best friend, my wife, and myself. We have jobs in real life and sometimes don't get to play. A video game shouldn't penalize us because we don't have time to play.

    Whatever your pet peeve is - extremely complicated quests. I play to have fun. I want to run around in neat looking areas, kill monsters, loot treasure and tell jokes as we pillage and rampage the monsters. There has to be a rational explanation for how these monster lairs exist. I am so tired of monsters with low intellect with the most god-awful design to just open a stupid door.

    What's wrong with a cave entrance and some tunnels with some monsters lurking about. Sure, puzzles are ok here and there, but remember this is a game. I want to relax and have fun - not tear my hair out trying to spin wheels, turn puzzle tiles on 3-d cubes and ridiculous things like that.

    Just give me some funny sound effects when monsters die, some spooky/scary monster howls, and some place fun to run around. Please stop torturing me with puzzles, mazes, and impossibly constructed lairs.

    The point of a game is to have fun and relax. Searching in dark caves for levers is not fun. Killing monsters and taking their treasure is.

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    Tried a few melee-type enhancement lines. Primarily this relates to the Assassin and Kensai in particular:

    Key issue:
    There are too many on activation effects/clickies. Add the clickies of Epic Destinies on top and close to noone will be able to juggle all those effects.

    Make most on activation effects permanent and give them reduced effect levels or a proc percentage/chance to balance the "always on".

    Oh and before i forget it: Bring back Fighter Haste Boost for the Kensai or it is virtually dead,,, ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar View Post
    friends list - why can other games see the account level name so you can find your friend no matter what character he is on. this would be a good upgrade

    no free aug bags??? come on... a small one per character would be appropriate like everything else.

    Inventory - we get more stuff, more cosemetics, more bags, more items, but not more space. why don't hireling folders have a slot on the character sheet like quivers. cosmetic goggles, why no slot like helmf/armor? how about perm slots for caster spell components or a bag? another option for a bank slot or inventory slot? we need it.
    this !

    Also reduce the flag for "older" raids to once! one time flag would make titan and adq more atractive to run

    Enhancements: busy on a extended post about this, I have strong feelings on the matter since I am a fervent multiclasser.

    GreetZ RD out

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    The new enhancements themselves are great. Unique and interesting. The only problem I see with them is the three tree limit. Having true core class abilities spread out between each of the PRE branches is frustrating. Build diversity becomes more limited trying to make triple class builds and some double class builds. Some of the current builds will become obsolete or weaker. That's just the way it goes as the game evolves. It's the diversity limitation that bothers me.

    Guild Decay
    It's time for decay to go away. It sounded like a good idea when the guild system was brought in. It looked like it was going to be a fun incentive. It's been the source of much anger and gnashing of teeth. Casting negativity on things like Crystal Cove and flare-ups when downtime gets extended. Small or casual guilds have a point where they will never be able to go past. There are still other ways you can come up with for it to be an incentive to run. Let guilds barter renown for ...something. Additional hookpoints, new amenities, ...something. How about rewarding players that are hauling in large amounts of renown with something. Decay is not working as a positive way to incentivize playing.

    Pet Peeves
    Mobs coming right up to you as you try to fire a runearm or repeater. The shots usually go straight up, straight down, or through the mob without registering as a hit. (most noticeable in elites or epics) Somehow the AI is able to miss being hit by practically crawling up inside my collision box. ...and every time it happens I hear that little dragon with Eddie Murphy's voice saying "You MISSED! How could you miss? He was 3 feet in front of you!"

    Ingredient Bags!(collectible bags to a lesser degree) I appreciate and enjoy that we have so many crafting options available and their ingredients. Organization becomes irritating with them. There are too many different ingredient types to fit in one bag (which is fine) and keeping everything on one character is not ideal. So you end up with a bag for Seals, a bag for scrolls, a bag for greensteel, etc. Part of the irritation would be alleviated if we could get bags that are bigger than the Larges. Bags that aren't bound to character. Being able to give bags a private name would also be a godsend. Charge me to do it. As long as the fee is fair, I don't care.

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    Enhancements: No clue what that means.

    Guild Decay: Don't understand it, so no opinion.

    Pet Peeves: Iron companion wonkiness. I love playing my arti but that darned dog drives me up the wall some times.

    Forum moderation needs to be stepped up, a lot. Some of the stuff that is allowed to go on here is mind boggling.

    Main: 18 Artificer, Thelanis

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    Default Decay let it go away!

    The thing that bugs me the most is renown decay. I hate grinding for renown only to lose it the next day. Please let it become a thing of the past. Simply just forget to turn it back on, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post

    Give me your thoughts on the following. Be verbose, but not 'it sucks' I need 'it sucks because of'


    Guild Decay

    Whatever your pet peeve is.

    Enhancements: Are fine. Do they need some tweaks here and there? sure. changing the whole system outright? cripples a vast population on all servers and serves no real purpose to the game. Change is good to a certain extent; major over-hauls should be well thought out with more than a test population of hand picked persons. Too much change will lose your player base that has been faithful to this game for years.

    Guild Decay: Useless drek. the point? why? I can see losing when a player leaves, but constant grinding to obtain the next higher level? why? it already costs pp and sometimes real money to get the ships. Guild decay adds that particular annoyance of yo-yo-ing levels for too long.

    Pet Peeve (1): With the changes that have come out, the changes that are in the planning stages that players do know of (, and the rumors of future changes (changes to quest farming is one)...I've seen and heard of a lot of players leaving this game. Yes yes...I know, MMO's have a lifespan (*cough**cough* City of Heroes *cough**cough*) and changes to games push players away (*cough**cough* pick your least *cough**cough* favorite update*cough**cough*or*cough*change to the game*cough*) wow..sorry about that...frog in my throat. Seems to me that DDO/Turbine is making some irreparable mistakes. Any elaboration?

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    Default TR and Raid counter.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post

    Give me your thoughts on the following. Be verbose, but not 'it sucks' I need 'it sucks because of'


    Guild Decay

    Whatever your pet peeve is.

    Enhancements. Just fix Sorcerer crits and I'll be happy camper.

    Guild Decay, it's about time it went away. Too much penalty for small guilds as it is, and/or for players in small guilds for taking a break.

    Pet peeve: TR resetting raid counter. As it is, there is pretty much zero incentive to do raids for gear on TR toons. Shroud for ingredients and/or shards, VoN once for exp, others, skip.

    I know the theory of 'starting over', but lets face it: getting 20 completions is the way to go with raids, and it's just not feasible when going for multi-TR. If you could do a couple of completions this TR, 10 more on that, it would be more likely that TR toons would actually stick around after 20 for a while, at least on occasions. Aiming for a couple of completions before next TR: fun. Waiting for that long long long long away 20th: the opposite of fun.

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    Guild renown decay sucks. The pause we have now is long overdue and I hope decay never comes back.

    I'd love to see some new enhancements but it concerns me when the devs throw in new systems that inevitably make it to live completely broken and we have to wait 6 months to a year for a fix, not including all the other things that break on the way to the fix. We have feats and enhancements that currently do not work or do not work correctly and you're trying to reinvent the wheel?

    Pet peeves are definitely the amount of bugs and lack of quality of life. I realize there's been some patches lately to address some really outstanding issues but the problem is for every new fix there's almost always 2 more things broken.

    It's sorta shocking to think the expansion we currently have is still bug-ridden and has by far the most tedious and crappy raid in the entire game, only to realize we've got another one in the tubes. We desperately need some bug fixes for non-functional EDs.

    The other thing is Eberron end game is (except for eGH which is amazing!) tedious and borked. The epic items system needs an overhaul and to be brought in line with the tiered by difficulty system already in place. And please, please... give us some consistency. If tokens of the Twelve are Eberron only, can you please have them drop in all Eberron epic content? Finish what you started, we're begging you, Dorris will give you extra end loot!

    It's completely baffling why the best and current end game epics drop nothing at all in terms of fragments or tokens but ALL the items have augment slots that pretty much require them! The lv24 augments in GH would be a nice alternative but because those commendations are so precious you'd have to be mad to start burning them on augments... Now mind you, if commendations were BTA, I'd be running those raids on 10+ toons just to collect them. The state of end game raiding is such that now I can only manage to run it on my main or 2nd because the grind is just so intense it's depressing. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind working towards my toons and their gear, but running CiTW 18 times on one toon and getting ONE commendation for those nearly 100 chests opened is just insulting.

    Is your test code base really so different from live? Is that why so many things slip through and bugs take three stomps to squash instead of one? I really feel for anyone trying to fix the mess that is DDO code because by the looks of it, it must be uphill both ways.

    Note: No minotaur villages were massacred in the making of this post.

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    Accidental post...WIP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    There is little value in getting into an edition debate; as with anything, we create what we believe works best for DDO.

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    Enhancements, i'm not a power gamer so don't have an opinion except i'm not looking forward them at all.

    Guild decay. In i foul swoop you could make ALL ddo players happy by NOT switching it back on. I'd be gobsmacked if anyone says bring it back. DELETE the 'turn guild decay on button' NOW this very moment.

    Pet peeves. In all honestly i don't have any that spoil my playtime.

    What i do like is threads like yours communicating with players.
    Just awestruck, wether it be a Dragon flying overhead Stormreach, that glowing character who just zoomed in'n'out of the Pub, or that i can drink a Beholder under the table and best of all rescuing Damsels in distress.

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    Ok now that I've seen the enhancement system update I can make some comments on it


    - The increase to 6 (7 if you include racial) is a huge deal for multi-class characters...I love that you can sort the trees in any order you want...the only change I can think of is change "Total AP spent in Tree" to simply "Total AP spent" keeping the only one tree may have tier 5 abilities of course but in general my fears for multi-classing have mostly dissipated.

    - Pretty much all the racial stuff is VERY flavourful I especially love the Dwarf line.


    - Both trees can mix and match without much issue, Warchanters easily grabbing the SP bonus, longer songs and Con/Perform bonuses from tier 1 and the Core # 1 of spellsinger is mildly useful to Warchanters as spending a few points in SS increasing your self-healing a bit. As for spellsingers dipping into Warchanter its less appealing than the other way round but I wouldn't mind picking up Enchant Weapon or the extra songs and the Skaldic Rage would occasionally be useful if you just feel like smacking somethings.


    - The Spellsinger tree is amazing in general I love most of the abilities of the trees but the core abilties a quite underwhelming...Music of the X...really 3 of them I'd say make the second core ability Music of the X than have the next two add new ones as a "secondary" addition to something else..maybe have virtuoso not require 18 Lvls of Bard...imo 12 is a better place for that..something like this

    Core 1: Spellsinger: Boni for every AP/Core ability perfect
    Core 2: Music of the Sewers..underwhelming but its a level 6 ability so that's ok
    Core 3: Dashing Strike* & Music of the Dead
    Core 4: Virtuoso & Music of the Makers
    Core 5: Hero's Health*
    Core 6: Maestro of Life and Death: Perfect not some powerful that a multi-class bard is shunned but powerful enough that you do want it.

    *Dashing Strike allows any finessable weapon to use Charisma for To-hit/Damage
    *Hero's Health: Add 1/2 Cha Mod to saves

    Other than that the Spellsinger Tree is awesome


    - I LOVE the updates to Warchanter especially Skaldic rage it relies of songs/song duration increases instyead of Con/Barb Levels so your not forced top splash for that anymore and I just love that Skald got included I love Skalds , non-dispellable Mass GH woot, Victory song makes Bards so much more attractive as melee combatants and the capstone is really tempting me to make a Single-Class Bard especially since Skaldic Rage makes it so I don't feel like I'm missing out by not spalshing Barb and I LOVE multi-classing. In short Warchanter does what it's supposed to makes a Warrior Bard...I cannot wait to see what the 3rd Bard Prestige will be..maybe one that focuses more on healing?


    Again the 3 trees here mix fairly well


    - Furious Rage I love this one...I get this funny vision of a DnD player getting ****ed because he rolled a one and uses a more powerful attack to spite the things he missed

    - I love the Ravager capstone Save and be Paralyzed or Die...nice and flavourful and quite potent

    - I like that extend rage is a tier 1 ability so it's easily accessed by non-ravager Barbs. I would still rather see a "General Class" tab for stuff like that and just have to stuff unique to ravager within the tree.

    - I like how ritual scarring gives a bonus to haggle...can't really complain about a bonus that everyone uses (and that it comes with Intim/PRR) but it's just really funny envisioning a merchant giving you better prices because they fear you...very appropriate guys.

    - Hate threat generate and more damage...whats not to like

    - The Pain line just makes me smile and is quite potent.

    - Anyways you get the idea...when I first heard the rumor that Ravager was gonna be one of the 3 Barb Prestiges I was a little worried it would just be boring and +X damage and +X crit and son on but you guys did a great job making it flavourful and fun

    Frenzied Barb

    - Frenzied Barb I won't say much on because it's really not my type of Barb but my friend is salavting over short it does what it's supposed it allows for massive damage at the cost of defense and even mutilating one self in the process..the only thing I'd like to see is the ANgry Arms, Mad Munitions and Focus Wide increase your weapons reach somewhat.

    Occult Slayer

    - Now Occult Slayer...prepare for the long haul...THIS is how I envision Barbarians...your not really a defender leave that to the Fighters, Paladins and Wakut/Tukaw Battle Mages. Your jump is to rush the line, jump over it and smash those puny little spallcasters skulls in...this is the prestige I was waiting for.

    - All the Core enhancements are great although I honestly will probably never use the active portion of Weapon Bond (+5 to attack) the bonuses you get from having the bond are just to awesome and a bonus to attack rolls is fairly meh...I'd love it if it applied an effect to your weapon for 12s that causes x% Spell Failure (for any spell not just Arcane) per hit

    - Anyways core...2nd core is just a straight up bonus bonus to saving throws and not that I'm complaining but each core ability adds + 1 to your DR...its a good bonus but an odd one for Occult Slayer I'd say make it +1 will save instead

    - Core #3 is really nice but it clashes with Vampiric Bond which is gonna go off far more often (your more likely to attack something than your are gonna get hit by magic) I'd like to see Vampiric bond switch with elemental defense than have Elemental defense (as a tier 5 ability) drain Mana and convert it to an equal amount of [url =]Protection from Elements[/quote] IOW if I drain say 5 Mana I gain 5 pts. of each element as the Prot from Elements Spells. Have this happen on-hit in small amounts or just have it happen on Crit 10 pts. per Bard level (so 200 at Lvl 20)

    - Core # 4: Slippery Mind - This one is feats are great but not only is this perfect flavour wise it's also normally a Rogue only feat so good stuff Note: This Ability say +1 Barb DR twice...dunno if thats intended or not.

    - Core # 5: Force Ward - Immunity to Magic Missiles AND 5% chance to essentially "dodge" any force damage nice (honestly when I first say this I thought it 5% reduction in force damage..that was really luckily I was wrong )

    - Core# 6: Mind over Magic - This either awesome or terrible depending on how it's read I'm pretty sure it means if I have 20 Constitution I have 20 SR but it could be read as Con MOd...which I'm 99% sure it isn't...any chance I can get some clarification.

    - Ear Smash/Knockout: The former is really thematic and quite helpful...even just using that on an enemy healer can make the difference between victory and failure and the sleep/stun of Knock out is useful for everything

    - All the weapon bond stuff: Bonus AC not great but it offsets the penalty from Raging so good and really with the new system every pooint of AC helps so really can't complain. PRR woot, Higher critical (especially awesome with no HP req.), Temp HP granted Vampiric bond (see core # 4 for comments), DR bypassing (would like to see this be metalline but otherwise can't complain), extra force damage. Woo I cannot wait to actually play this with my friends on live.

    - Arcane encumbrance/Vicious Strike...hahaha punish those buggers for daring to attack me I love it and if that doesn't punish them for casting with PAIN!!!

    - Anti-maqic Boost - I personally don't like boosts but for people who do this quite a nice boost.

    - Lessons of Travel - Ah the non-boost version I like this

    - Lessons of Nature - Kinda meh to be honest...tis a shame its a requirement for Vampiric bond because otherwise I could just ignore it...I'd save replace it with some sort of bonus vs. Undead (namely Vampires)...makes more sense to be a pre-req of Vampiric bond anyways.


    I haven't played with Ranger much yet so I'll just nothing looks glaringly bad and I will add my opinions after I mess around with Ranger on Lama more.

    Oh actually I forgot: Evasive Dance (tempest tier 5) says instead of Taking 50% dmaage on a miss your take 85%...I'm assuming thats a typo. Also Double shot and a few other effects say "Have a reduced chance to proc on repeating xbox. Could you add WHAT that reduced chance is?


    Very easy to mix enhancements for each as both sides have something the other would want in the low tiers

    Battle Engineer

    - The core abilities are a bit boring but all pretty thematic and probably pretty potent

    - Weapon training boring..nor is it really powerful to make up for that...amounts to +4 Damage but of course after wasting points on those enhancement it culminates in the awesomeness that is Endless Fusillade (machine gun FTW)...not sure why you'd take haste boost though...than there's the Tier 5 ability...weapon attachment...that IS pretty awesome sounded pretty cool until I read the effect of +0.5[w]...really that's like an average of 2 maybe 3 (1D5) damage. Boring and kinda meh ovberall except endless fusilade...I like that Endless Fusilade is a cooldown now instead of reliant on damage boost

    - Field engineer skill increaser yeah...good skill increaser...all it does and really all it needs to do

    - Attack Boost: Bleh a boost..I hate boosts and ATTACK boost really...who actually misses anymore especially with the core increasing enchant anymore.

    - Item defense: Woot items break less, good enhancement.

    - Thermal Venting: I'm not really sure about this enhancement...I've only taken it on live a few times and it doesn't seem to do much...tried here same experience I'm not sure if its bugged or just useless.

    - Wrack/Disable Construct...oh hey cool it works for ranged now...its still wrack construct though...change this to Construct Bane (Lesser Bane/Bane/Greater Bane) than have the "Disable construct" add Smiting (add an -> between them)

    - Damage boost - hey look another boost...i hate these things but damage boost is at least useful so other who don't loathe boosts will use yeah this ones a positive despite my whining.

    - Normally wouldn't bother mentioned the stat boosts but I like that it's Str, Dex OR Int..nice and flexible..good job

    - Arcane Capacitors: reducing the speed of your rune arm whilst moving does nothing it still decharges in 2/4 steps instead of 1 this would only be useful if the tier 5 it leads to removed the decharging. Why do you guys hate us moving so much?

    - Tactical Mobility: Ah this ones really nice that speed reduction whilst minor is really annoying props to the dev who came up with this...I don't think its worth being a tier 5 ability though

    - Rune Arm Overcharge 1/2 - This one whilst simple is incredibly potent especially since having your rune arm charged increases your spell power

    Overall unfortunately I'm VERY disappointed with this tree the abilities are either really meh, costs too much or aren't worth give up other tier 5 abilities and worst of all there's nothing really interesting or flavourful like Warchanter has despite being a similar Prestige....on my Bard/Artificer I'll likely buy the Core abilities I qualify for than maybe field engineer & Item defense and keep the rest of my points for the Bard line and racial stuff which is REALLY unfortunate because I love endless Fusilade it's one of the main reasons I chose to do a Bard/Arty Split instead of just Bard.


    - I keep thinking it says ArachnoTechnician....I want to summon mechanical spiders of death :P

    - I've noticed alot of people complaining about this one which is weird its got some issues but its way better than BE

    - Core # 1 Every points spent increases USP...does this effect your rune arm damage...if not it's fine I'm just woindering either way its apporpriate and encourages spending alot of points in this tree so even lesser abilities grant something

    - Core # 2 I love these "Imbued Potion" abilities especially the ridiculous range on them...Temp HP/SP works for me

    - Core # 3 this one is a little weird it adds Temp SP each time I cast a spell/infusion..I'd rather just a flat reduction in spell costs even if it's just -5%

    - Core # 4 Add lightning bolt to your spell list WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I love this...lightning bolt is an amazing spell and for a Evo/Air specced Arty it makes me very happy...I really wish this was switched with Core 3 so my Barty could use it but thats not really a point against this...just a point against my build.

    - Core # 5 oooo a better heal potion thanks guys...gimme more imbued potions please i love em so much

    - Capstone: This one is as Epic as it is on live currently don't change it...even if I do want it to work for scrolls :P

    - The left side SLA line - cool free for me I only ask that you make Lighting Motes a persistent AOE instead of being similar to Fireball/Acid Blast...Air is the only elemental that doesn't have one.

    - The crit line - tis boring but needed to be in there so ill accept it especially since its giving me USP as well, I think 2 AP for each is too much though I'd say 2 for the first one than 1/1/1 for the others....alternative you could add some more buff/CC SLAs here and leave it at 2 AP (Suggestions: Haste, Hold Person Mass, Hold Monster Mass, Rage, Otto's Sphere, Teleport/Greater Teleport) they could even be multi-selectors so you could choose which you would want

    - The Iron Defender Line - before I actually read the effects I was like boo these should be in the arty dogs enhancements but than i read it and not only are the affects pretty cool they give the character bonuses as well so thats pretty awesome...Defender line your awesome

    - Wand and Scroll Mastery - It's wand and scroll mastery IOW still just as awesome as live and i dont have to waste points on wand heightening to get it although 2/2/2 AP is a bit much...I'd say 2/1/1

    - Vulnerability - this one is quite interesting by lightning bolting people not only am I hurting them but I'm also increasing everyones damage on that target...awesome for bosses. Fits Arty perfectly

    Overall aside from a few nit picks and one or two complaints this is a very well done Tree and my Arty will likely be pleased with it.

    Well I have to go to work so that's all I have for now I'll play with a few of the other classes after work than post more
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    There is little value in getting into an edition debate; as with anything, we create what we believe works best for DDO.

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