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    Quote Originally Posted by LeoLionxxx View Post
    The Epic levels feel sort of useless if you don't have epic destinies (I do have them, i'm just thinking about those who don't). You do get epic feats, but these feats just don't quite feel epic.
    I've long maintained that everyone should get destiny autogrants and the ability to navigate the destiny map. Only those who actually bought destinies get to spend their points in the tree, though. Best of both worlds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    I like what you're trying to do about making a more accessible enhancement system, so new players aren't scared away by a hugely complicated system.

    That said, I have a few concerns with what we've seen so far. I'm aware that the alpha had certain specific goals in mind, so my concerns may not be all applicable to the final system you have in mind.

    1) Active attacks and short term clickies.
    While I like active combat, there are only so many boosts and attacks one can profitably have on a character. Adding more doesn't add to the character's capabilities, and for me it only brings frustration when I can't use all my attacks and things -simply because I already have 16 hotbars filled with stuff and I can't fit more with losing my last few square millimeters of screen space.
    I'm aware that the limit on this is different from person to person, but I urge you to be very cautious about adding more short term buffs and attacks to the game. Make them toggles or longer term buffs, maybe with a little lower power, so I can feel these things actually add to my character, and won't be forgotten in some out of the way hotbar.

    2) Build flexibility.
    In the alpha we saw core enhancements (such as haste boost) stuck in a tree somewhere, so that it gets expensive and annoying to get to if you're trying for another tree, or go multiclassing. This reduces the flexibility in builds that is one of the great points of DDO (for me, anyway).
    Please try to make the new system as open as possible. More choice is more better.

    3) Broken builds.
    With such a huge revamp, some builds are going to be broken, no matter what else you do. Please find some way to lessen the impact beyond a simple LR+0 heart. This will, if what we've seen so far holds any water, not do much for a lot of people.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Guild Decay
    At the moment we have a very good system for large guilds. Namely because they have no decay to speak of. This is good, and I would like to see this taken one step further - and getting rid of the decay altogether.

    This will help players feel less frustrated when their hard work in getting renown is nolonger taken away from them. It will make guilds less of a silly minigame that people are only frustrated at playing, and more of a positive contribution to the game, when we nolonger have to worry about progress being taken away.

    If you are concerned about small guilds taking the lead after such a change (personally, I don't think this is likely), you could lessen or even remove the small guild bonuses. If you do so, I think lessening the renown needed for lower levels would be good, so that small low level guilds see progress in a decent timeframe.

    Everyone wants to see progress. I wouldn't want my level 25 characters to suddenly be level 18 after I haven't played them for a month. Likewise, I don't like seeing my guild renown magically disappearing when I have to do something in RL for a day or two.

    Make DDO a game where people like to come back to, no matter how long or not they've been away. Don't put penalties in the game that make people dread coming back after being away for a bit.

    EDIT: Pet peeves.

    1) Quest chains that do not play well with streak.
    Threnal, new chain (being lower than flagging chain), and to a degree Tangle. Maybe I missed some. Also, explorer areas should be fit with streak, too.
    Make the quests fit better together in a more natural progression.

    2) TR xp.
    Gah, I hate that grind. Levels 1-14/15 isn't that bad, but after that, it just gets painful. Now, I know many other people don't find it bad, but I can safely say for my guidlies and myself that we do not TR nearly as much as we otherwise would, due to the inflated xp you need.
    I would prefer lower xp needed for TR so I can buy more TR hearts and get thingies! Please?

    3) Bugs.
    Ladder bug, ship captain menu staying up, etc.
    Lots and lots of them... each just a minor annoyance, but they all add up.

    4) New skill and effects.
    I like skills being revamped. And while I suppose it doesn't make or break a build if you don't have those +23 spell power, I think you should be very careful not to make new "compulsory" skills. You're trying to get rid of toughness as a must-have feat, don't make the mistake of making must-have skills instead.

    5) Old epic items.
    Part the First: The Grind. Gah! Makes it less. Most of the items are not uber, and getting some variety into what people are wearing while levelling up in epic levels would be good, I think. Leasing to...
    Part the Second: Some of the items could need a revamp (again). Many old items are still very bad.

    6) New xp cap.
    Yay for cap raise and new stuffies!
    But I'm concerned about how much grind and how great a repetition penalty I'll have on reaching the new cap after xpack hits. Please don't make the new cap excessively grindy or make new players that come with this pack have trouble grinding their twists due to more repeat penalties.

    7) New forum.
    Log outs, using game log in on a forum. bad usability in general and bad visual impression. Can haz something done plox?

    8) Challenges.
    Please unnerf their xp a bit, and make them generally more appealing. While I do see an LFM for house C things now and then, it's extremely rare to see one for the ES ones.
    Please give them a little more xp (or a lot more, in some cases), and make the loot from the ES ones better. And ings not BTC.
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    My melee has no reason to go pure. The multiclassing possibilities immensely overpower the capstones - but the interesting thing is - I really like the multiclassing possibilities.

    Capstone's need variety and ORIGINAL + CREATIVE improvements that fit the classes specialty. The bard capstone with heal spell and wail is along those lines, but pure warchanters don't really need this as much...this is where the variety part comes in. Let me pick and choose.

    This ones aneurysm worthy: Kensei pre-requisites involve ATTACK boost, critical accuracy, and weapon FOCUS feats. Utter useless nonsense that I'm being forced to take in both the old and new enhancement system. Horrendous design.

    Guild Decay:

    Get rid of it

    Pet Peeves:

    I don't have any pet peeves, I have straight up hatred for the following:

    -No raid in new expansion

    -Momentum Swing and Lay waste cooldown resets are annoyingly broken for a YEAR now. Its simple, reset a momentum swing with a cleave and try using it - a lot of the time it gives you the animation but results in no attack. Same thing with lay waste.

    -Re-read the red text above in the enhancement section. Kensei's get neutered by 2 feats in the new enhancement pass for NOTHING. They also get neutered with attack boost and crit accuracy REQUIREMENTS that do absolutely nothing for the class. Its like cutting off 2 feats and countless action points, and say "here you go".

    -Wail Bug - this spell really came a long way from being powerful in its ability to instantly kill things, to a longer cooldown implosion-like mechanic which doesn't even work now. This spell stinks now, can you guys maybe return to the original version with the same cooldown?

    -The DDO store heal scrolls (you know, those BETTER ones?) are probably generating horrible profit for you guys, yet we don't have any access to them in game.

    Maybe attach a vendor to the top most harper +PDK favor that can sell them to us, and raise the UMD to like 42 or 44 or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    on Lamannia suck, because of:
    • Racial tree investment restrictions.
    • Nonsensical prerequisite enhancement restrictions (one of paladin chains has 6*(x/3) enhancements in line - they could not even fit it in one column. Otherwise, core prestige lines - the horizontal ones - are the main perpetrators).
    • Lack of core class tree. This restricts versatility and promotes pigeon-holing.
    • Back-loaded enhancement lines. It's hurting multi-classing.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Guild Decay
    sucks, because with decay being the same across the board, small guilds have to put much more effort into renown to grow, or at least maintain status quo. These same guilds also get hit much harder, if for whatever reason, two or three players decide to take a break. Reassess what guild renown should be doing and then get rid of it, once you come to the same conclusion.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Whatever your pet peeve is
    • Old epic item grind (ingredient drop rates).
    • Cannith crafting has been abandoned.
    • Closed quests (Spinner of Shadows).
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post

    Give me your thoughts on the following. Be verbose, but not 'it sucks' I need 'it sucks because of'


    Guild Decay

    Whatever your pet peeve is.


    Enhancements: Two answers:
    Regarding the Exisitng-Having to wade thru tons of marginally useful to useless abilities to get to the nugget of gold is annoying (especially when respec'ing and I've been doing this a while).

    Regarding the Incoming
    -It's possible that things have gone too far the "other way" with twitch play with so many clickies. Unfortunately, I do not have any proposed solutions to give you as I didn't get to play test much of them while it was on Lamannia prior to U18.

    Guild Decay: Being in a company that also sells services to customers. Aspects that ultimately feel like you are penalizing the customer are ill received. If it were me I'd scrap guild decay and if anything cap the max daily a given character can contribute to guild renown. Once it is hit give them a 'ransack' like message, but then replace whatever would have been guild renown with a rerolled item at +1 level (excepting tomes and ddo store items maybe). This way you reward them for continually playing (ideally socially right?) vs. penalizing them for not being a particular profile of player.

    Pet Peeve Loot

    • Cannith Crafting - '...take a suffix you like from one weapon and put it on another...' (uh...yeah)
    • Epic Crafting - There are indeed fans of the scroll+seal+shard mechanic itself but enough hated it to inspire Turbine to try a few other approaches
    • Retool old raid loot by adding another thing to collect to 'upgrade' them to be on par with the modern game and bring value to the old content (not slamming the idea I liked the intent if not the implementation so much. Yet they even go back to try and soften that part up, too.)
    • Ooo, Epic Raid Loot upgradable by rare drops of these thingies (commendations, not horrible just a grind by another name and these are collected in two completely unrelated raids, both in content and from the D&D settings...from Faerun to Eberron, that leap had me laugh since...).
    • That Epic Crafting thing...the Token bits you need ONLY come from Eberron (wait look at the previous post and feel free to giggle/snort/snert/what have you)
    • Ok, how about loot that drops in different power/effect levels depending on the difficulty of the dungeon/raid you complete at (personally I like this one and apparently some dev dropped a grenade that they'll look into giving us the ability to upgrade them to the higher tier later...not sure how I personally feel about it, I don't know if I'll feel like I earned that Elite labeled one by farming it on Normal...change the label or scrap the idea if it was me, but I'm off track)

    I also have a Pet Peeve about Content vs. Reward (Time sync/resources consumed vs. xp/loot awarded), but I decided if this won't be read anyhow, why bother are getting hungry.
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    I think they looked to be headed in the right direction, but in need of a lot of tweeking. Reconsider how to deal with spellpower and "basic" class abilties. Of the classes I'm most familiar with (Paladin, Bard, and Druid) bard looked very good, Paladin looked OK, but with concerns about spellpower and defensive stance (looked to be considerably nerfed vis a vis live, and not to work at all with 2HF, and generally crappy compared to the monk defensive option), and Druid looked very concerning, particularly for nature's warrio

    I really don't care, but I'm pretty skeptical about the forum doom on this one. I'm in a mostly casual guild (I'm one of 2-4 casual+ type players) and we've never done anything to maximize renown, and are at lvl 71 and have all the buffs we need. I don't really get what's broken.

    Pet bugs:

    Momentum swing animation showing with no damage
    Fatesinger echoes of power Shiradi not adding to ranged alacrity.

    General requests:

    Update old ebberon epic items, and do *something* with the shard/seal/scroll system. it could be as simple as unbinding shards and seals, and changing +6s to +7s ,+7s to +8, and spellpower to 108-120 rather than 90.

    Update cannith crafting.

    Update ToD rings

    Etc. Generally stop abandoning old systems for half done new systems

    Druid pass (I'd be happy to give LOTs of specifics but don't want to bog this down), just count the number of lvl 25 druids around and you'll know there's a problem.

    Kudos on:

    Augment system
    Updated leveling items with augment slots
    great raid in FoT
    Improved bug fixing
    Epic destinies
    Sabathal and Sabbathiel of Sarlona

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    Personal pet peeve is dungeon scaling.

    Bravery bonuses are a close second.

    What is the point of having casual, normal, hard and elite difficulty settings when anything under hard and elite basically is or feels like an unacceptable loss of experience. You could just as well change the difficulty settings to elite, hard, and farm.

    Dungeon scaling should be optional I suppose since by this point it probably can't be gotten rid of both for the players who actually like it and because it would probably break something trying to find and be rid of it. Trying to make it optional wold also probably break something as well.

    I hate politics for the same reason that I hate game changes. If you actually got the government working in precisely the way that it should it would be ruined shortly after the next elections because whoever gets elected feels they have to DO something even though they really didn't. The game was done right to begin with and although the enhancement changes originally made turned out well almost everything else that has been changed over time hasn't improved the game at all. Please stop feeling that you need to do something other than creating new quests.

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    Smile Thanks For Asking


    What I have read about and seen of the enhancements I don't care for much. The tree idea would be good if it was more like ED's. Enhancements cost less points. I feel that if the enhancements are not done right it will mess up the game for many people imo. Adding to it is one thing, but taking away and nerfing is something else that I feel will make many stop playing the game. But that is just imo from reading other people's opinions, talking to in game friends and guild mates about this subject.

    Guild Decay:

    Guild renown decay should be gotten rid of. Some say to many guilds will get to 100 to fast, well that has already happened with large guilds. I have seen several guilds get to levels 80 to 100, all large guilds, all went from teens to these higher levels only since October 2012. Who cares if there are many level 100 guilds. I know I don't care, the more the better I say.

    Many guilds are ran different, many have different play styles, etc. What does it matter if there is 1000 level 100 guilds. That would just mean more causal and new players alike would have more higher level guilds to choose from that fits them the best no matter what that is. As for small guilds and causal guilds in general, it will still take a long time to get to high levels let alone get to level 100 even if renown decay isn't there. At least if it's not there they would at least have a better chance on getting there someday. Imo I think turbine would sale alot more guild renown elixirs if there was no renown decay. I know me and my guild won't buy them. Why? Because it just gets taken away by decay or a game restart, etc. Why spend real money on something that is pretty much useless.

    Getting renown because of renown decay should not feel like a job but an added bonus to your game play. The average player does not have all the time in the world to farm for renown. Many have set game play time because they have real lives. They shouldn't have to feel like it is a second job which then takes the fun out of the game. Then these same people start feeling that maybe they should just stop playing.

    I agree with some others, increase the level of guilds to 150. Make 2 more sized ships. One bought for plat and one bought for astral shards, or heck, make them both astral shards. Add a few more buffs in there like +3 shrines and a 6% xp shrine. Imo I feel that more guilds will buy more things from the ddo store if there was no decay and more things that would be worth getting like paying for a few extra hook points depending on size of ship and guild level.

    Whatever your pet peeve is:

    *Casters being nerfed to the point that they are no longer fun to play.
    *The game being made much harder for causal and new players all because power-gamers and those that have much more time on their hands than the average player does says its all to easy.
    *The artificer dog and druid's wolf not working half the time nor hirelings.
    *Bravary Bonus. Why not one for normal or get rid of it altogether.
    *Imo I think if someone dies in a party it should only effect that person's xp not the whole party. More people might pug if this was applied.
    *Imo renown does not drop enough. You shouldn't have to solo to get more renown drops.
    *Lag, the long list of bugs
    *Average player not being able to play the game even if their computer meets the requirements ddo says it takes to run the game.
    *Make polls for players in all ddo media avenues to vote from. Get more of the opinions from the player base than just the forums. Use ddo's other media sources.
    *Better communication with the player base. Keeping the player base posted, getting more involved with the player base makes for better business.
    *Fixing things instead of making new problems. This could be the best mmo out there if there was a bit more effort. Not saying it's not already a great game, but it could be much better. Plus, it would and could bring in much more money than it does if the game ran better in general.

    Thanks MajorMal for asking the player base about those subjects. I only hope that their opinions will be taken into consideration.

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    Hey MajMal-

    Enhancements- not going to waste your time because I haven't put in the time on Lam to know for myself.

    Guild Decay- As part of a tiny guild, I don't see much decay and it doesn't bother me. As part of a medium guild trying to get past 82, the guild leaders just dropped a lot of people who don't contribute "enough" and I hate to see that happen.

    I don't log in to my high level guild because my toons in that guild are inactive and I don't want to contribute to decay without contributing by playing those toons and they just aren't in my plans at the moment. So, an artificial barrier prevents me from logging in just to chat or run a raid from time to time.

    Other Peeves-

    Communication, communication, communication!
    Why is it so impossible for anyone at Turbine to maintain some positive communication with the player base?

    We're all too busy doing the real work.

    Then hire someone to be a liason to the community. Oh hey, you did that. We are supposed to have two community liasons. I don't know why they don't communicate with us anymore. If they are burnt out on dealing with players (understandable) then hire some fresh blood. Preferably someone who understands the value of pre-emptive information on upcoming changes and stressing the positive.

    Oh, and real work? The community is real work. Seriously real work. The game could freeze in development where it is and be fine for a lot longer than it will survive if you drive away and alienate the players.

    We've been hearing that for years. You players aren't going anywhere, whether we communicate with you or not.

    Well, I don't have your facts and figures so I can't argue that with you, but I have a hunch you could have attracted/retained more players with a more community-focused approach. Sure, you'll probably survive even if you tick off a large percentage of your player base, but why? Why not at least attempt to create a more friendly atmosphere?

    We can't make everyone happy and we can't respond to every single angry post on the forums. There's just too much to sift through and we are too busy.

    No one asked you to make everyone happy, nor to respond to every post. Honest communication about what's going on, why you do what you do, why you can't do what everyone wants you to do and what your thought process is behind the stuff that does get done is all most of us are asking for. I can tell you right now I don't agree with the choices you've made recently or the priorities you've set, but I would be interested to know why.

    As to being too busy, it should be someone's job, as previously mentioned. You are killing those of us who are interested off with the incredibly terrible forum changes (I have been logged out TWICE trying to write and post this) and the lack of information.

    If we tell you why, we might make more people mad.

    Do you think you aren't making them mad by ignoring them? If the truth would make people more angry, you might need to think about why you are making the choices you are.

    We don't make any money by interacting with the community.

    I hope you really don't think that. You have valuable feedback that real software companies have to spend money to collect. Good, bad, off-the-wall, you have a goldmine of feedback here that could easily translate into dollars if you bothered to use it correctly.

    Forum posters are mean.

    Welcome to the Internet, Buttercup. Time to buck up, sort the data from the emotions, and respond with nothing but concern and enthusiasm for the game we all love. Yes, even the nutcase I-hate-this-game-and-I-will-burn-you-all posters love the game. Love.

    If they didn't, they wouldn't bother to post, much less freak out. The nastiest, most hateful posters are the ones who cannot survive without it. While it doesn't mean they have anything useful to tell you, at least it tells you people still care about being a part of DDO. When they stop caring, it all goes away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post

    Give me your thoughts on the following. Be verbose, but not 'it sucks' I need 'it sucks because of'


    Guild Decay

    Whatever your pet peeve is.


    Ugh the enhancements pass,
    I feel that DDO is trying to be something it is not, trying to attract those gamers that play a couple months and quit, and the opposite of the very thing that has kept players here for years...If you need to do trees, leave the enhancements the same, but make trees.

    DDO virtually killed my cleric. Leave something for us players who don't want to be one trick and two trick ponies. I don't have to invest a lot in things like RS to be a good healer, because I've been playing since Beta and know how to heal with out it, and without using resources like pots. ( Necro focused with Full smiting line and spell pen enhancements) Testing on Lama was one thing, but logging on LIVE after the last update, and seeing my obsolete enhancements was very disheartening.

    One thing I've noticed in playing Neverwinter is how many people say that they love DDO Combat, and DDO custom characters, how this game is so much better since casters and divines can have more than 5 spells, fighters can have more than one set up and the LFM system. The reason they are playing Neverwinter is lack of content here, as well as the change in direction that it looks like DDO is taking.

    Guild Decay
    Meh could care less, medium guild steadily climbing and at 94. But really there is no need to get past 60.

    Pet Peeve
    I can't believe that there is no raid in the new "expansion" and that it also costs $30 for 10 quests and 2 explorer. I have no problem spending money if I think that I am getting good value, heck, I've been a VIP since Beta. But to me that is not a good value at all, esp if one looks at all the quailty issues that have plagued DDO as of late.

    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    I missed the lammania preview so I never got to actually test anything, but I did look at the wiki and tried making a few builds so i'll comment on those.
    1. Elf dex based archer: The elf tree looks good and I wouldn't change anything in it. I was able to get enough points in to max out AA and tier 2 in deepwood, but couldn't fit in even a few points in a 3rd tree without making big sacrifices. Overall though, the general build idea looks solid and could work for many different class splits. One issue however is the lack of dexterity bonuses in the game. There are countless ways to raise strength or constutution well above 70, and even caster stats like wisdom, but literally nothing for dexterity (which caps around 60?) It would be nice to see some dex buffs in the future.
    2. Dwarf Con based tank. The dwarf tree has one big problem for this build: everything is too good to pass up. The dwarf weapons line in mandatory, but I couldn't give up on Dwarf fortress either. Add in constitution and armor mastery and I was up to about 40 points spent... The Stalwart and DOS tree costs are just as bad. Having all the stance bonuses tied together means you are forced to spend 30+ points even if you don't need some of the lower tier abilities. Fitting in the shield attacks (which IMO is the best part of this tree) was difficult, even with sacrifices to the dwarf line. Adding anything else was literally impossible. There is definitely no room to multiclass here either, or even get a few points in kensai.
    3. Dwarf con based TWF ravager. First off, the ravager tree just looks bad, really bad... but I wanted to try this build anyway. Overall AP requirements weren't too bad, 20 or so points in dwarf + 45 or so points in ravager left 15 points to dabble in the FB tree (or kensai, tempest for the multi class options i looked at). I didn't miss anything important with this AP split, but that is basically my major complaint with ravager: there isn't anything good there to miss. The damage dealing abilities are basically just inferior versions of the berzerker tree (pain touch vs frenzy, tier 5 only crit range vs lower tier crit mult). Unless the information on the wiki is wrong about furious rage, I dont see how you'd ever get it to stay stacked above 3 without an extremely unlucky chain of 1's...(which is overall a bigger loss to dps then a couple extra damage). All the stat damage abilities look 'cool' but unless there are plans to remove stat damage immunities from epic mobs, they're basically useless.

    My overall recommendations on what I see in the enhancement system :
    1. AP cost adjustments (I know the screws were tightened so I'll save any further comment for the next pass)
    2. Innates should be either free, or at a lower cost. In all my build attempts, these usually ended up being a problem.
    3. General class abilities should either be duiplicated for all 3 PRE trees, or a generalist class tree added (that doesn't count towards the 3 tree limit). Things like haste boost for fighters, scroll mastery for rogues, sprint boost for barbs, etc... We shouldn't have to spend points (sometimes up to tier 3) in a tree we don't want just for these standard abilities.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Guild Decay
    EDIT: apparently I missed the 15.2 guild renown changes... so I have no thoughts on this atm...

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Whatever your pet peeve is.
    Not sure if it counts as a pet peeve, but: Endgame character balance (specifically epic destinies)

    The power gained from certain destinies is just way out of line with what you get from heroic levels, and even other weaker destinies. There are plenty of examples, but the 3 that stand out to me are shiradi casters, legendary dreadnaught and furyshot (unbridled fury + manyshot).
    IMO, shiradi just breaks the caster class completely. My issue is not that its too powerful, but rather that it takes all thought and build choices out of the equation. Should I target weak saves? Nope. Just shoot magic missiles. Should I lay down some CC here? Nope. Just shoot magic missiles... Should I take this feat, enhancement or wear this gear? Uhh... Do you have magic missiles loaded?
    Dreadnaught is essentially quad damage. Theres not really much else to say about that... Its hard to care about build choices in other destinies when you have to compete with quad damage.
    Furyshot is just broken, and essentially has the same issue as shriadi magic missiles. What was intended to be a single use ability gets multiplied by 4.

    To be clear, I don't actually want nerfs, but rather balance. Quests can always be balanced around overpowered characters. Quad damage is fine, so unyielding sentinels can at least get double damage?
    Anyway, I have no issues taking advantage of the powerful stuff. I'll always play the game as is and use what works best. It would just be nice to see even half as many viable endgame options as there were before epic levels.
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    Default Thoughts on Enhancements, Guild Decay and More

    Thanks for asking.

    1. UI revamp is a positive change.
    2. Current version is somewhat restrictive and fewer restrictions will increase player enjoyment and character variety.
    3. There are still a number of enhancements that almost nobody takes because they're simply not that useful or of interest to most players. If you removed all these "poor choices" and only left good choices that everyone does take, there would be a lot less complaining.

    Guild Decay
    • It's hard for small guilds to reach high levels anyway (seems to take a very long time).
    • What's the purpose of Guild Decay? It seems to have little practical use other than to annoy people.
    • If you really want old guilds that nobody still plays in to reduce in level over time, do that. Make it time-based like -1 level every two or three months that nobody in the guild plays.

    Pet Peeves
    • Anything repetitious that takes time but isn't fun:
      1. lots of running around the town all the time - teleporters and guild ships help so please consider adding:
        a) a teleporter entrance within the marketplace entrance area (not just a teleporter destination)
        b) Guild docking ports to House Cannith and any other areas still lacking them.
      2. ticking and unticking the boxes for showing quests I can't do and friends not online. My preferences are opposite to the defaults so why aren't these options saved?
      3. repeatedly having to rebuff if there's a delay in starting the quest and/or waiting for others to rebuff - please consider making Guild Buff timers only count down once in a questing area, or at least not until leaving the Guild Ship. Or for that matter, remove the timers completely and have them last until death and/or quest completion.

    • Bugs - there's still a ton of years-old bugs on the known issues list and probably many more not on it. I'm sure bug-fixing is among the least fun, hardest and least-exciting of activities and probably seems hard to market too (e.g., splash screen: "Update xx! Tons and tons of bugs fixed and or two other small features!" probably doesn't sound good to the marketing department or execs),'s what most long-time players want. I know Turbine fixes lots of bugs, but if it could be done, seriously dedicating a full update to primarily fixing old bugs would really help the game.
    • Lack of Quest Info - this affects newer players mostly but when I've been introducing new players to the game, they've picked up all kinds of quests (mostly in marketplace but also some of the other houses) that they couldn't do because they were too high level or required purchase. This information should be given by the quest giver, and the name of the adventure pack for each quest should be listed in various places too (compendium, quest journal, quest giver, quest entrance) with a link to the quest in the DDO store in all cases.
    • If compendium had the adventure pack as a sortable column, it could help immensely as it would enable easily listing all free-to-play quests, and would also enable seeing at a glance how many quests are in each adventure pack, and if you already have the pack required. To the same end, listing the flagging requirements of quests (and if you've met them or not) would also be extremely helpful.
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    Enhancements: Can't say, haven't been on Lammania.

    Guild Decay: It only serves ONE purpose, annoy players. Remove it entirely.

    Pet Peeves:
    • Out of nowhere all the Ice Flensers in the game were given Polar Ray, that hits for roughly 200 damage. In low level quests this is wayyyyyyy too much.
    • Failing quests because someone got interrupted while pulling a lever that triggers a quest objective. Instant recall is awesome though.
    • Mobs spinning around you endlessly, or other types of mobs like Wraiths that can get on top of you and you constantly have to move back to hit them if you are ranged/caster.
    • Gimponiumprocess.exe * 7.
    • Ridiculous lag using Cannith crafting devices since the last update. Freezes the game every time you do something.
    • The expansion is a normal content update covered in shinny additionnal **** to make it look like more than it really is. Selling it for 30-50$ is just an insult to all VIPs who should be getting it for free.
    • Having to relog every 15min on forums.
    • Forums sending you back to the DDO website homepage instead of redirecting you back to the page you were at when you logged.
    • Wail, I made a thread about it months ago and it's still getting posts, enough said.
    • Communication, not enough of it.
    • Many, many, many more, but those are the most recent I can think of.

    Also, THANK YOU FOR THIS POST, it's step in the right direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post

    Give me your thoughts on the following. Be verbose, but not 'it sucks' I need 'it sucks because of'
    Deal. Prepare for a long post.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    With the second pass close to date, I believe anything I wanted to say about the alpha I did on the surveys. However, I'll put on public my main points:

    Wand Heightening is useless. Wand base DC is the lowest possible DC that particular spell can have, and since the implementation of Bravery Bonus, Elite difficulty is the new standard for many people (and probably a vast majority of forumites). You don't use DC wands offensivelly because their DCs simply is too low to land reliably in at-level content. Even on normal. Keeping this enhancement on Alpha, and using it as a pre-requisite for Wand Mastery was a bad move. If you guys like the concept of raising wand DC, merge them together, and maybe allow us to use our main stat as a bonus to wand DC at the top tier.

    Every caster tree should NOT give (1 universal spell power per point spend), or (0.5 universal and 1.5 <specialized> spell power per point spend). Making this will only incentive us to allocate all our points in our primary tree, and every point spent outisde of it will make us feel bad because we are gimping ourselves. Turn them into enhancements, and put them into a vertical column, like the weapon lines on the rogue trees. The same can be said form the stalwart/defender trees, that give HP on the same vein.

    Orc Fury is useless because (1) it is a typed bonus, and thus, do not stack with the Rage spell, or Primal Scream, and (2) it requires you to be consistently at low HP to benefit from it. Things that requires low HP threshold should be a kind of emergency button, like the Draconic explosion that deal a ton of instant damage AND make you vanish from the mob agro list. The enhancment looks cool in theory, but no one will walk around with only 10% of their HP to get +1 damage per hit over Primal Scream in the brief moment it takes for someone heal you.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Guild Decay
    I think we need more guild ammenities over level 63. And more under too, to make every guild ship a bit different becuse they need to pick and choose between a bunch of good ammenities, instead of everyone having the same buffs.

    Decay-wise, I don't really care.

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Whatever your pet peeve is.
    I have a ton of pet peeves, all explained in past topics:

    I think Holy Sword should become a personal weapon imbue, like Shillelagh and Insightful Strike/Damage.

    I think all Raid loot should be bound to Account, so we can bring alts to a raid that need a key character type, but no loot to that character type. I dont mind if they also binds to character on equip (so, once equipped, they stay BtC), but then I can jump with my healer on a Caught on the Web after he got his Twilight, instead of playing with my rogue that want a Balizarde, and waiting forever to see if a healer join.

    I think once a part of the game is no more endgame, their grinding mechanics should be lessened or removed.

    I think we need to remade the whole favor rewards to mirror current game design, putting some useless thing on par with the actual game, and adding desirable things on current useless patrons, like Jorasco.

    I think Elite should be more challenging by quest design, and not only by raising mob HP/damage/saves tenfold.

    I think we need to be more "hero" and less "henchman", story-wise.

    And last, but not least, I think TR cache should be another dialog option, so we don't load it every time we just want to put some dragonshard fragments on the shared bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Give me your thoughts on the following.

    All we wanted was:
    1) Convert the current UI to a tree-based GUI.
    2) Complete all PrE's for all classes

    We got:
    A total rework that wasn't needed, replete with bugs, brokenness, and pigeonholing we couldn't even comprehend.

    What we want now:
    1) Give whoever was responsible for that mess 40 lashes.
    2) Start over and give us what we wanted originally.
    3) Deliver it COMPLETE - not "we're releasing it as is, and will finish it someday/never"

    Quality of Life:

    Not enough is being done here. Bugs are one thing, and yes, we've heard that many many bugs have been fixed over the past year. What I'm talking about is stuff that has been haunting us for a long time that would make a big difference in how the game is perceived by new players and vets alike. Including but not limited to:

    Cast, SP deducted, animation occurs, spell does not proc. i.e. Burst/Aura
    Dark or Purple health bar for undead form PCs
    Not facing errors on spells that should have NO target
    The many lacking qualities of Bags/Quivers/Hotbars
    Stacking - This deserves a separate thread.
    UI Skinning. Broken for ages, the community WANTS to help. Let us.
    Memory Leak - in this day and age, honestly, there's just no excuse.
    Roadmap. We would be MUCH more on-board with changes that occur if we knew what direction the game is going. Changes and nerfs come at us out of the blue and don't understand what the thought process is.

    Maj, I love that you're back and talking to us again. Please don't let the NRGG-ness burn you out.

    Thanks for reading.

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    In general I "ditto" all of this post by EllisDee37:

    and all of this post by GermanicusMaximus:

    In addition regarding Enhancements I really hate all of the added "clickies".

    And a general comment:

    The Management at Turbine needs to stop dumping long-term projects in favor of the new shiney. When PREs were introduced, every class was going to get 3. It has been what - 4 years since then? And the classes that were already in-game when PREs were introduced still don't have 3 PREs, and new classes continue to be added to the game.

    And that is only 1 example.

    Originally the "Enhancement Pass" was ONLY going to be rearranging the existing Enhancements into a new UI. Someone at Turbine said "while we're at it" and created a huge new (unnecessary) project that has taken up developer time that could have been used for bugs and to finish projects already started. This is not good Project/Time Management. And the new Enhancements STILL don't have 3 PREs for each class!

    Consider that many of us have been around long enough to witness this "flailing about". The current "mood" of many of your players is founded partly upon many projects left hanging and bugs left unfixed because of someone's new pet project. You said in your post: that there was a perception that Turbine Developers don't fix any bugs. Its not that you don't fix ANY bugs, its that many of the bugs that we are concerned with don't get fixed - for YEARS. Its also that the developers are so quick to jump on any bug that might inadvertantly help the players. Maybe its true that those bugs get fixed quickly because they are easy to fix. But maybe whoever is Managing the Developers needs to look at the schedule from a player's point of view.

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    Guild decay and pet peeve rolled all into one.Guild decay does not matter because there is a certain raid quest that allows players to camp in and continue to have the npcs kill and they earn guild renown. So whats the point!!!Pet peeve is the fact that it has been reported numerous times daily and the same individuals are still in there (can see them in the who panel) and the devs continue to ignore it. Whats the point of reporting exploiting when it goes un-noticed. And yes there can be a debate as this is the way it is intended but to camp in a quest for week straight, that's exploiting imho.
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    Default You have no idea how happy I am that you asked, sir! :D

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post

    Give me your thoughts on the following. Be verbose, but not 'it sucks' I need 'it sucks because of'


    Guild Decay

    Whatever your pet peeve is.

    Concerning Enhancements:
    - Artificers don't have any way to reduce threat generation, despite being nothing but damage-dealing cannons in combat.

    - In the Alpha, the Paladin's Divine Might was in a single PrE tree. I think it should be available to all paladins (above a certain level) regardless of what enhancements they get. Why not make it a feat?

    - Cleric enhancements in the Alpha really scared me. I believe that as many players as possible should be encouraged to roll up a cleric, since clerics are the only class guaranteed to have healing spells available. For that to happen, there needs to be a large variety of enhancements available so that any given cleric can be tailored to the players' preference. Basically, allow people who like to play melee characters roll up a melee cleric, or people who like playing offensive casters to roll up an offensive caster.... and have enhancements that support that kind of play.

    Concerning Guild Decay:
    - Why do guilds need to lose renown daily? Make it a punishment for guilds being inactive, instead.

    Pet Peeves:
    - Summons aren't always useful, and can become a liability due to the fact that they cannot be controlled. I would like some ability to control things that I summon, or if that isn't possible, I would like the ability to banish my summon when I need to.

    - The game is lacking a piercing two-handed weapon. Please put Spears in!

    - If the completion of a quest depends entirely upon the survival of an NPC, then the entire party needs to be able to see that NPC's health bar.

    - Warforged need a racial feat for their equipped plating. It's awful that they have to use up a general feat for something that every other race can equip for free. Currently, Warforged druids have to use Composite Plating (the WF version of cloth armor), when fleshies can use light and medium armor.

    - Lolth's SP-draining ability in CitW makes the raid too potion-intensive. Please replace that ability with something else.

    - There is no randomly-generated medium armor that druids can wear, despite the fact that they get medium armor proficiency.

    - Monks are proficient with handaxes and daggers, but neither of those are ki weapons. This is annoying.

    - Healing Kits and Repair Kits are currently useless, due to the large number of spells and clickies that can give a character temporary HP. It might be a good idea to allow these kits to be used on any character, but with a duration and short cooldown.

    - During the entire time I have been typing this post, the text box has been grey, forcing me to squint to see what I am typing. Only when I click out of it does it turn white. This REALLY hurts my eyes after a while!

    Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks MajMal for making this thread. I hope it brings something good to the DDO world!

    The old UI was not very good, I think most can agree on that. The enhancements themselves seem to be fine.
    It would have been nice if just the UI was changed.

    With the new system, please make 1 tree per class with all the basic enhancements, 1 tree per prestige (hopefully 3 per class) plus the racial tree. So (assumes 3 prestiges available) someone that is pure fighter would have 5 trees available, someone that multi-classed into 3 classes would have 7 trees.
    It is the limitation of AP available, the minimum class levels required of some enhancements and the TOTAL AP spent (not just in the tree) that should be the limiting factors. (as well as prerequisite feats and other enhancements of course).

    And finally, please, please do not rush out the enhancements. And if possible, with 3 prestiges per class.

    Guild Decay:
    Remove it. If really need to keep it, minimize it (instead of 20x base decay rate for the level change it to something like 2x).
    If one considers a guild getting close to stalling at level 52 with decay (like many smaller casual guilds), then removing decay without it won't zoom up to level 100. Rather it would take years to reach level 70.

    Whatever your pet peeve is.
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    No comment. I have not tested it so I can't make a good judgement call.

    Guild Decay

    On page 2, Varinox suggested a reasonable way around renown decay. I'm going to nab a few ideas from him to describe what should be done with it.

    Remove the decay, keep the renown amount received based on guild ship size, and replace the renown as currency to buy better versions of each buff.

    An example,
    +2 Stat buffs don't kick in until about level 45. +1 stats and the 20/element buffs can be bought with plat. However anything higher would require renown as payment.

    This means guilds lower than Level 45 only need to worry on getting guilds as high as possible. While 45+ guilds will have to worry about renown contributions to retain impressive buffs. Or otherwise settle for not-so impressive buffs using plat.

    A contract can hold 3 days to a month. Leaving up to the player to decide how much renown to lose and the duration. Already that's a better system in place than worrying about how much renown is lost per day regardless of your activities.

    For the casual gaming 45+ guilds. They can start where they left off. They can pump renown into their ship to get impressive buffs for a week. Then they will go afk again. Buffs disappear. Rinse and repeat, they will work to the long goal of reaching a high level guild. The only net loss they will have is on their own risk on what to spend renown on.

    Small guilds will find it tough to retain impressive buffs whilst reaching 100; but not impossible to reach 100 unlike the system that is in place right now. Alternatively they can grind away, reaching to level 100 with basic buffs and afterwards, spend the fruits of their hard earned labor. Admittedly this may spark a wide range of grinders that will get to 100 and sell their ship. Honestly I haven't got a clue on how to get around that. That being said, is there a huge market for buying ships where you have no say in what the guild name is called?

    Large active guilds will find this a piece of cake. And rightly so, isn't this the point of having a guild? Inactive large guilds will suffer unless guild size renown also gets removed. If that's so, refer to casual gaming.

    Pet Peeves

    Better concentration (or Quicken) would be nice on healing hirelings. Mass heal is a pain in the butt when it doesn't go off.

    Weapon damage (other than handwraps) shown in inventory screen.

    Handwraps. Actually they are in an okayish bugged state. Please try and keep it in one piece Double-Oh-Seven...

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