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    Default My Personal Opinion on Neverwinter Online

    Hey guys been playing Neverwinter for a bit mostly because my brother wanted to try it out and so's's not terrible but I doubt it will "kill" DDO anyways here's my Pros, Cons when compared to DDO (and some comparisons to LOTRO)


    - The MAX graphics setting is definitely a little better than DDO
    - The visual customization during character creation is better than DDO
    - The Foundry, it's pretty awesome and so far the sorting system does a good job of filtering out the drivel. Even if I decide I loathe NWO I'll probably still spend time quest crafting in here.
    - Their version of hirelings are permanent and Level with the character...up to a point (see cons)


    - The Lowest setting of graphics is practically unplayable it looks like I took my glasses off...shapes,etc. are barely recognizable. It's not great in DDO but at least it actually functions

    - The game is half-instanced, half open world so whilst which is better is entirely subjective (I vastly prefer instanced FYI) going both ways just ends up annoying everyone.

    - Each class seems to have 2 or 3 armor models with about a dozen small differences within each of those so even with the greater visual customization during creation the city seems like a sea of clones....cosmetic items become essentially a requirement instead of an option.

    - Currency systems is incredibly complicated there's Normal coin (gold,silver, bronze), astral diamonds (a semi-normal currency unlike DDO), Zen (turbine points), Various Seals, Trade Bars, etc.,etc. its really annoying and very much designed to force you to purchase Zen

    - Speaking of Zen the cash shop is blatantly Pay-to-Win you can all kinds of stuff that give you a huge edge such as wickedly overpowered "companions" (essentially hirelings that level with you and never expire), super rare crafting ingredients that you'll probably never see drop or can ONLY be purchased in the cash shop, max level removers for your companions

    - Annoying ass chest drops that can only be opened with Cash Shop only keys

    - The crafting system is incredibly boring you don't get anything cool and you really don't have a WILL choose your classes relevant craft (ie. Wizard = Tailor) and Leadership (free xp and random chests) it will supply you with level appropriate green quality (white for the first few levels) equipment and well thats it nothing cool like save WoWs engineer profession. Also crafting is very hands-off you choose what you want to craft and half an hour later its done. Not that DDOs crafting system is super awesome or anything it's just better than NWOs

    - Despite the Illusion of it there's really almost no choice in leveling and even the "feats" are not even real their just +1% to will eventually notice the difference but it is a shadow of the options granted by feats alone in DDO

    - Speaking of "choice" no multi-classing of any sort, now its based off of 4th edition so it doesn't have a-la-carte multi-classing but there is a hybriding system which allows you to get abilities from both classes at the cost of some abilities from both sides. Also since theres no real feats you can't take the multi-class feats either.

    - The only thing Neverwinter takes for 4e or even DnD as a whole is the lore...there's no d20 system, the spells aren't dnd spells, the classes are not even classes but "Builds" (ie. instead of Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, Fighter they have Control Wizard, Blaster Wizard, Trickster Rogue, Guardian Fighter, Great Weapon Fighter,etc.) even clerics walk around in robes instead of chainmail or full plate. Despite appearances this really isn't a DnD game.

    - Almost EVERYTHING in the game is designed to funnel you to the Zen store.

    In short the question isn't will I leave DDO for NWO the question is will I play NWO when the DDO servers are down or will I keep looking. So yeah Turbine as long as you keep multi-classing/other customization options in mind as a strong Pro for DDO NWO will never even come close to touching your bottom line
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    There is little value in getting into an edition debate; as with anything, we create what we believe works best for DDO.

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