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    Default Crafting wands, scrolls and potions...

    I believe that, at some point in the future, it should be possible for player characters to craft wands, scrolls and brew potions. I will be brief, but before I go into detail, there are some general things I would like to suggest for crafting these three things:

    • Anybody can attempt these things, regardless of class. However, different classes gain different bonuses to crafting levels based on their casting ability, if they have it at all.
    • There are no separate crafting levels for these things; they are all tied into your arcane, divine and elemental crafting levels.
    • Most things made are bound; however, there are ways to create unbound items at high crafting levels, but these will be expensive to produce.
    • All wands, scrolls and potions can have masterful marksmanship applied to them to reduce their minimum level.

    Now, to go into detail, I will discuss wand crafting. With wand crafting, you can craft a variety of wands with spells imbued in them based on your crafting level. You can adjust how many charges a wand has (1-50), whether or not it uses a mental stat for DC's, whether or not it uses any applicable metamagic feats(You do not need to have any as feats, but it helps!), if it can be recharged (Which in the long run, saves you resources), and its cooldown time (Slightly fast, normal, slightly long, long.) The caster level can also be adjusted, but this also adjusts the minimum level on a 1-1 basis. The cost of making wands is, in addition to platinum, crafting essences, as well as wand wood which you can purchase from a NPC, and any other special ingredients that some wands may need. If you have any metamagic feats, you may use your SP in place of a resource cost for applicable metamagics to imbue the wand, but it costs double the SP needed to use. In addition, any caster classes which have the spell available for use can make bound wands without making a crafting level check. Eternal wands can be made, but only a few such wands can be crafted, and they often require rare ingredients to craft.

    Next is scroll crafting. Scroll crafting is similar to wand crafting, except that you can make 1-100 scrolls, cannot be recharged, cannot be made eternal, and cooldown time is not affected. The cost of making a scroll is, in addition to platinum, crafting essences, scroll paper purchasable by a NPC, scroll inscribing components (The stuff that wizards and maybe artificers use), and any special ingredients needed to craft the scroll. Like wand making, casters that have the spell available to cast may make bound scrolls without making a crafting level check.

    And finally is potion making. Potion making allows you to make a variety of drinkable potions and applicable poisons. When making a potion, you can adjust its caster level, whether any 'metamagics' are applied, the cooldown to drink another potion of the same type (Slightly fast, normal, long, very long), and if it has any beneficial side effects (Meaning you can possibly combine two different potion effects into one). No eternal potions can be made. The cost of making potions, besides platinum, are essences, vials which can be purchased at the free agents, herbs which can be bought at a House Jorasco vendor, and any other special ingredients needed. Like wand making, casters that have a spell available to cast may make bound potions without making a crafting level check, although this tends to apply rarely as few potions can be made based on spells (Cure spells come to mind).

    Thoughts? I didn't go into much detail over what should be made, the costs of crafting and a few other things since those tend to boggle my mind.
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    Thumbs down

    Sorry totally against anyone being able to craft a wand scroll or whatever that contains a spell they can't cast I hate the current crafting system but I hate this infinitely more!


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