(sry for the bad spelling in title, was unable to see what I was typing. thx turbine for such wonderful forums)

OK so now I am a triple TR (yes yes I know, nothing special, but for me it's pretty cool as one whom does not really TR much) with a maxed destiny. FvS.
Good healer and a pretty good evoker. Getting nice implosions on EE now. yada yada.

So I try to do New Invasion on Elite (as a lvl 21). Not the first time trying, but never managed on Elite. Always a wipe.

I have read everything about it. I know BBs are a not so useful on Elite, but someone else said that's not true and they do work. (For the record, they WERE doing damage).
I know about the traps etc.

However, what, the *insert favorite curse word here*, do you do when you are chained+cursed+15mobs+KD and a big red guy beating on you? And then, because you are so busy trying to drink the pot and get off the heal, and DP/ BB, and run/ wingz, and everything on the screen is full and you can't see the darn floor, - a trap goes off on you.

I love a challenge. We got there with over an hour and 15 min left. We also tried the other way where everyone goes down and tries to stay together, and walk together. And then someone gets chained. Or KD. and cursed. I only gave up after all my gear was broken.

It's just that everything is happening so darn fast. I have decent reactions, but how is this done? And how was is done before epic levels with no EDs on Elite? Dont seem to have time to even turn around to get off a DP.

So, what am I missing? I wanna win - I wanna beat this.